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Star Wars 1/72 Y-wing Starfighter by Bandai

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  • TAG : Y-wing Starfighter measures 17 inches (43.2cm) long by 7 inches (17
  • If you're looking for the right gift to give a Star Wars fan, Fathead has the perfect wall art present that is better than any old poster or sticker. Our Y Wing Starfighter Fathead wall decal is perfect for a birthday, graduation, holidays or just because. This is one that any fan will always cherish.

    Putting up your new Star Wars decor is easy. This Y Wing Starfighter goes up as easy as peel-and-stick. The self-adhesive backing is removable, reusable and will not damage your walls. There is no concern of marking up your walls with tacks, putty or tape — like you need for a Y Wing Starfighter poster. You’ll really understand the impact the first time you hear a guest burst out and say “That must be from Fathead, it’s huge! I love it!”

  • Piloting the Y Wing Starfighter through the galaxy is a fantasy of many Star Wars fans that, unfortunately, cannot come true. However, Fathead’s wall decal of the Y Wing Starfighter brings this giant spacecraft into your home. At 78" W x 51" H, the Y Wing Starfighter wall decal pops of the wall with licensed artwork, so you don’t have to settle for knockoff, cheap Star Wars wall art. Plus with 6 decals that come with your order, you can create a Star Wars themed room or spread them throughout your home.

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