250 wood craft sticks per package.

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Loew Cornell 1021253 Woodsies Jumbo Craft Sticks ( 300 pcs )

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  • - This little buddy stands, sits, and bends every which way. Kids can twist it around a desk lamp, hang it from a doorknob, and make it hold up pencils or markers. How will your child use it? Make with Wooden Craft Sticks.

    Welcome to craft stick bending crafts for kids of all ages. This website is the first ever craft stick bending site published. I have spent four years working on the details of how to bend, twist, shape and mold wood craft sticks of all kinds into hundreds of shapes for the purpose to make toys, gifts, crafts and much more. Our How-To DVDs can be found on or watch our shop tricks and tips on YouTube “CraftStickCrafts” or CraftStickBending”.

  • Popsicle stick crafting just got a little cleaner and easier thanks to these Self Adhesive Unfinished Wood Craft Sticks! Not only is there need to wor...

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    Unfinished Wood Wavy Paddle Fan SticksUnfinished Wood Paint Stir Fan SticksJumbo Unfinished Wood Craft Sticks
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    • Package of 32 pieces
    • 8" L x 1" W
    • Package of 16 pieces
    • 12" L x 1" W
    • Package of 80 pieces
    • 5-3/4" L x 12 mm W
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  • Jumbo Multicolored Wood Craft SticksUnfinished Wood Craft SticksSmall Unfinished Wood Craft Spoons
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    • Package of 1000 pieces
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    • Package of 60 pieces
    • 3-1/2" L x 1/2" W
    Price: $2.99Price: $14.99Price: $2.99

    To make a roof panel, lay down (6) Wood Craft Sticks horizontally. Glue (2) Mini Wood Sticks vertically across the (6) sticks to secure the shape. Repeat to create a second panel.

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For crafters the best part of a popsicle isn't the sweet treat, its the popsicle stick! Teachers and moms alike love this kids craft staple, because there is no limit to what you can create with wooden craft sticks.