Wonder Wheel. Coney Island, New York

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Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

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  • The Google Wonder Wheel along with a number of other search refinements were formally introduced at the event but actually became available as part of a test a couple of months earlier.

    The Wonder Wheel had only gone and messaged me on Twitter. For the duration of our time in New York I had been using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine to in effect, . Unbeknownst to me, the Wonder Wheel was also very keen on social media and must have spotted my uploaded videos and photos. It sounds slightly silly, but these two little messages really took the edge off arriving home, I was a happy chappy.

  • At $7.50 per adult ride, the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island isn’t the cheapest ride in the park, but there was no way the price tag was going to stop me taking a ride on the wheel I had seen spinning around and around on my TV screen for years. A pleasant surprise was the option of choosing a stationary or swinging car, we choose swinging naturally, why wouldn’t you want to make the ride that bit more exciting? We entered our own little caged car and set off skywards.

    Wonder Wheel was used by SEOs, SEMs, and advertisers as a way to visually identify relationships between a search term(s) and related searches using the Google database. As you moved from one set of terms to another results would change.

    Wonder Wheel 08-21-2011

    This "park" consists of about 5 rides. The flats are generic. I can't comment of Spook-a-rama. The Wonder Wheel is basically the entire park as far as I'm concerned. It's definitely an experience, but I didn't find it to be very frightening, or too exciting- just a ferris wheel car that moved on a track twice.
    Go ahead and ride it to decide for yourself (and because everyone will ask if you did), but go to Luna Park for flats.

  • Dark Ride 11-25-2011

    Believe it or not, the Wonder Wheel isn't all the great, you are lucky if you get one full spin without stopping on the wheel. If maybe it spun around a feew more times without stopping it would be more enjoyable. But its not all about the wheel, they have a creepy awesome dark ride that's a must!

    With time against us (we flew home later that afternoon) we soon had to leave Luna Park, but not before we had taken on the main attraction, the wheel, the Wonder Wheel. Standing taller than almost any other structure in the area, the wonder wheel was effectively the reason for our visit to Coney Island. You might already know the reason for my visit to the big CI, but if not let me explain. In short I was flown to New York on a mission, and its surrounding areas. The mission took place over 2.5 days, so I knew I’d have to plan in advance if I was to complete and capture all 26 letters of the alphabet. Some were more tricky that others to decide upon, X for example was tough but ended up being Malcolm X Blvd. The letter W though, well W was a letter I didn’t need two seconds to decide upon. It was always going to be the Wonder Wheel.

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Built in 1920 by the Eccentric Ferris Wheel Company, Wonder Wheel has 24 fully enclosed passenger cars, each able to carry 6 people, giving a total capacity of 144 passengers. 16 of the cars slide inward and outward as the wheel rotates, the remainder are fixed to the rim.