It's time to catch some Idaho walleye (fishing report, June 14)

Here is what Walle says is next for the beacon industry:

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    According to Unacast CEO Thomas Walle, proximity sensors (beacons) deployed globally grew 33% in Q2 2016 to 8.27 million sensors. The growth has been rapid, but Walle expects it to increase significantly now that Apple has removed the iPhone headphone jack.

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    Future iPhones will rely on Bluetooth to connect with headphones and this is good for the beacon space as Bluetooth is a prerequisite for utilizing beacons. In addition, Walle said that the tech is improving with Bluetooth 5.0 being faster, higher range and has 800% of the broadcasting capacity than the previous version.

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    En 2008, Walle fue elegido para representar al Distrito 140 en la Cámara de Representantes de Texas. Desde que asumió su cargo, se ha enfocado en las cuestiones que más preocupan a los ciudadanos del Distrito 140, que incluyen áreas no incorporadas del norte del Condado de Harris y la Ciudad de Houston. Walle ha respaldado y sido autor de numerosas propuestas para mejorar la calidad de vida en las comunidades de Aldine y Northside, aumentar la seguridad en los vecindarios locales y fomentar el desarrollo económico local.

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Prior to his election, Rep. Walle worked with Congressman Gene Green for six years. During that time, Rep. Walle led several community projects including Immunization Day, Paying for College workshops and senior citizen issue forums. He also served on the staffs of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Councilmember Carol Mims Galloway. Rep. Walle began his career in public service by participating in Senator Rodney Ellis's Texas Legislative Internship Program.