New WWE 13 screenshots show Cena, Undertaker and Sheamus in Action

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  • The WWE Universe has spoken, and after 10 weeks of TV's hardest-hitting reality competition, Sara Lee and Josh Bredl have been crowned the winners of WWE Tough Enough!

    •I don't know how I feel about the continued use of slapping in the Women's division. It happens all of the time and it seems like instead of doing traditional beat-down angles with the women WWE is apt to have someone smack the other woman with an open palm and walk away. I'm not against them designing storylines with angles that are unique to women, and outside of anything involving the men are not going to be slapping each other, but it seems kind of like something that remains from the bygone era of crappy women's wrestling. The idea of women slapping each other (along with hair pulling and scratching) comes from the stereotype that women don't know how to fight properly; but that shouldn't be the message they are trying to send with performers like Charlotte, and Sasha Banks. Why can't they do normal beatdowns like the men and cut the slapping out?

  • I think what needs to happen on Sunday, September 15 at , the whole storyline needs to turn around. If the storyline doesn’t change for RAW, the ratings could continue to drop and drop hard. A lot of WWE fans out there are growing angrier and angrier. I’ve seen a few people post that they were sick of the way things were going with the WWE and they were going to stop watching the shows. Now that is saying something. If a true fan is saying that they are going to stop watching because of the actions of the COO and the show, that’s bad.

    At the time I thought the match was actually well-constructed. I figured Anderson and Gallows wouldn't lose the match unless WWE wanted to completely bury them; but by having them dominate the match only to lose because cheated, it set up the next match on RAW while also letting The New Day hit the 400 day mark in their tag title reign. I was convinced The New Day were going to lose on RAW, but alas they beat Anderson and Gallows clean in the middle of the ring, killing them off once and for all. With WWE now going clearly in the direction of Sheamus and Cesaro one has to ask the question; what was the point of bringing them in from Japan in the first place?

  • WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week's Monday Night Raw to revisit the show's most thrilling, physical and controversial moments.

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