Virtual Reality Headsets Could Be The Next Big Thing

Samsung has a new and improved Gear VR virtual reality headset. Ed Baig takes a closer look.

Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset (US Version with Warranty)

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  • The Google Cardboard Version 2 headset is the best selling Virtual Reality Headset in the world. Although it is made of cardboard it is an amazing headset for people to experience virtual reality for the fist time.

    An attendee wearing an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset plays in a virtual volleyball game at the Intel booth during the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada January 6, 2015.

  • The Google Cardboard Virtual Reality device is affordable and ideal for persons who doesn't want to spend a fortune on high end Virtual Reality Headsets. The Google Cardboard device works in conjunction with your smartphone to display virtual reality. It is a great way of experiencing VR for the first time!

    Executive Editor Ian Sherr was somewhat underwhelmed by the virtual reality headset. He wrote that while the "future of tech is here," that future "may not be as much fun as you think."

    Samsung Gear virtual reality headset
    Mark Peters : November 17th 2014 - 19:00 CET

  • Samsung Gear virtual reality headset
    Mark Peters : November 17th 2014 - 19:00 CET

    BARCELONA, Spain—Surprise! HTC just announced a partnership with Valve to make a virtual reality headset. The device is called the HTC Re Vive, and it combines HTC's hardware design with Valve's .

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... we ... have a virtual reality headset new kind of a smartphone ... the TMP on from signing Zuma is bringing them both together ... Wilson Rothman with a possible tech at the set joins us now to explain what's going on ... your debut on the new stuff thank you for being Yankees and pull away from the West Coast ... so ... tells about is the key of E I it's the it's when you panic that combines two tunnel is spread imagine it's it's like a Niland scuba mask that people over your head ... the drop in a note for ... smartphone that's the new fab live from Samsung ... where does it uses accelerometers and a very high resolution screen that the phone of course ... brings to it ... to deliver a virtual immersive experience ... and the the the thing the this is is using the technology from office run right that's that's what's so interesting is Oculus has been cut in his Kickstarter darling it was and ... it was a ... headset that just never really came out ... course Facebook note the famously bought it for two billion dollars ... we never really saw the product though and now suddenly ... Samsung a major new no company can sell our products ... is putting that technology is something they could market anywhere on this isn't a voting system or sense of it is the same day going out that way no one has come out before and in some cases in the past it's been about will fall was so this is them taking ... the lead ... on conceiving obese use the basing gaming if you want to be Luke Skywalker Uranus is that you can imagine you'll fighting buddies one of the house to welcome stuff aam millet re Matthey well it certainly a you know they're there are other I'd immersive experiences like travel and other things report real estate we can show off an environment without leaving the office ... but in the in the what you're talking about is augmenting reality ... and there was in my ... demonstration within a way to ... view the camera through the the headset ... C could see the world around you ... with an overlay of of digital you know information ... to supply could actually be useful for most real place for any new system one of the world around you ... but then maybe some some bit of robots of dances to popup and you could try nor is the bias right right I think the sense of that Amy for the entertainment space right now ... um but I think it opens the door to a lot of differed applications ... the course and save desperate to show ... that their tablets and phones and do more than just a whatever was been doing them so far which is texting mostly will sites that whenever this ... so ... how much is a chemical some months ago ... well they said it'll be available this fall ... I in the U S but they did not give a price ... on to a ... holy moment for them ... to bet on giving the price or if you have to ask become affordable some walk on a post entitled the other the topping was a joke ... making is that if I'm Simon Qassam on ... that's that