Are you an Amazon Vendor Central Seller?

Today, the number of benefits of selling as a third-party through Seller Central outweigh selling directly to Amazon Retail via Vendor Central.

Janitors, Street Vendors, and Activists: The Lives of Mexican Immigrants in Silicon Valley

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  • To begin with, being a vendor means you’d have less competition, with so many customers willing to pay a premium price for the reassurance that the Amazon logo can offer, you can see how switching to Vendor Central could be a good choice for you.

    You may have read everything that’s on the Vendor Central , and you may have even signed up for it, hoping to turn into a first-party seller overnight. But how much do you know about being an Amazon vendor? Is the promise of greater cash flow from a brand new customer base real, or make-believe? That is the question.

  • The buzzword for Amazon sellers in 2016 is Vendor Central. If you’re an Amazon Seller Central user, but also an official distributor, a manufacturer, or selling private label, your Amazon buyer may have been dropping hints recently about becoming a Vendor. As eager as you may be to tap into clientele, there are a few things you should keep in mind.
    To see what a Vendor account has to offer, go on reading.

    Then, you wouldn’t need to monitor or change your prices, pay for an automated repricer or risk losing money in price wars. And last but not least, you can expect a considerable volume of sales for your Vendor Central products, assuming Amazon’s done its research on their popularity; with Seller Central, it’s more of a gamble and you have less certainty on what will sell well or fast.


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    Thanks, Mike. I suspect that I have two accounts, and that the one I have access to just includes my blog. (Thirty cents per subscriber per month! Wow. Ten thousand subscribers and I can retire.) The books must be somewhere invisible to me.

    Is there a forum like this for Vendors? Is there a bright young VendorAdmin to answer emails?

  • Interesting! When you log into Vendor Central, there should be a link in the left-side nav menu for "Digital Media Reports" (there's also a tab at the top for "Reports"). Or, rather, there should be - from what you're describing, it's not showing up on yours.

    Anyway, that's where the sales reports should be showing up. But VC's reporting is even worse than DTP: I think the reports are only posted monthly (no month-to-date sales info), so you're kind of left dangling for the month as to how well your books are doing.

    I haven't received a check from them yet, but I've only heard other folks talking about getting paper checks - as far as I'm aware, that's the only payment method from them. D'oh!


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    Seller Central has detailed analytics that make it easier to predict what, how much, and when to sell. With Vendor Central, you have to pay for those valuable numbers.

Amazon KDP Support: Vendor Central?

B2BGateway needs all the item information that you may want to use on the test scenarios. As all testing and production communication is confined to the Vendor Central portal, B2BGateway does not have any direct contact with Amazon via email or phone.