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The Ugglys come in a few varieties of Dog – We have Rudey the Pug!

I was sent one of the Ugglys for the purpose of an honest review.

The Ugglys Pet Shop Toy Figure (8-Pack)

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  • The Ugglys are the sickest, rudest and crudest range of pets you would ever own! Now The Ugglys have expanded their collections into collectable The Ugglys figurines. They are small in size but big on gross and include the Dirty Dog Wash Van to Pet Shop.

    The fourth novel centers on Aya Fuse, a girl struggling to find her place in the chaotic world after Tally frees people to think for themselves.

  • Add The Ugglys to your Christmas shopping list this year for all the pranksters on your list. This is also the perfect gift for aunts and uncles to give to nieces and nephews – parents will be thrilled with gross noises and will think of you during every unruly playtime that is filled with giggles and laughter!

    This is a small push along van measuring 20.5 cm by 12cm by 9 cm. The van comes with a cover that can flip over to reveal the weighing machine, toilet and bath. Your Ugglys could either drive the van, have fun flushing the toilet or dunk into the dirty bath to hear the gross sounds!

    Type: Miniature Figure Gender: Boys & Girls
    Brand: Year: 2015
    Character Family: Ugglys Pet Shop Country/Region of Manufacture: China
    Recommended Age Range: 5+ Original Packaging: Not Included

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    Both of my kids put The Ugglys on their Christmas Wish Lists – which I highly recommend making with the registry at Toys R Us. It makes it so easy to tell grandparents, aunts, and uncles exactly what they want for Christmas!

Yay! You're now following ugglys pet shop in your .

Here is the warp dial where you can turn the volume from a deep sound to a much squeakier one, there is also a fly you can press that makes noises that the uggly has flies around it. If you leave it for too long it starts to sleep. Ky is still excited about finding its new noises at the moment.

This may not be a good looking creature, or even have manners but what it does do is give my boys daily giggles as they play with it and each other. This may be a disgusting toy for me but for my boys its great entertainment, which is what a toys are for isn’t it!