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Turtle Beach - Ear Force X12 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset - Xbox 360

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    For the money, the Turtle Beach EarForce X12s are some of the best headphones you can buy. I know there are better headphones out there, but they are also quite a bit more expensive. One other thing that I will mention, a few weeks after I purchased the X12s, Turtle Beach released the EarForce Z6As. While I have not tried the Z6As, I would have probably bought them instead of the X12s, since they are aimed at the PC market. Either way, you should be comfortable purchasing any of the Turtle Beach headphones.

  • The Turtle Beach headphones are a must for the casual and hardcore gamer. Not only do they allow you to hear crazy sounds like I mentioned above, but I could even hear my enemy’s footsteps. Once I became used to the different sounds of the maps, I could easily determine the location of my enemy. The X31 headphones easily saved me from being knifed in Call of Duty multiple times. The only problem I found was that the microphone cord is very sensitive. I found that if it’s not plugged in tightly to your controller and headphones, it will occasionally cause static which can get pretty loud. Over time I haven’t noticed it as much, so I don’t tend to have as many problems. The microphone that is attached to the headphones is perfect for communicating with your friends. Unlike regular headsets for the 360, you don’t have to put this microphone in your mouth for people to actually hear you. Another plus is the separate controls for the volume of the mic. and your games. You can easily turn down the volume of your teammates and maintain the perfect sound quality of the game.

    I had a cheap headset that met an early death and had to be replaced. They fell off my head, taking my glasses with them, one too many times. I have a bit of a temper and they were not Nick proof. During my research for a replacement set, I read many positive reviews for the Turtle Beach brand. I found the EarForce X12s and they seemed to meet my needs. These Turtle Beach headphones have more than impressed me. The sound is great. They are not audiophile quality, but they have a nice rich sound that most other headphones that I have owned lacked. They do seem to have a break-in period, so be patient the first few hours of listening to them.

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