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Joey recreates the classic Star Trek transport effect using Christmas lights!
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The Trek transport in the wilds of downtown Chicago. The only one I’ve ever seen.

Star Trek - Transporter Room Playset

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  • That’s a mind bender of a bike, and a very exciting development in that people are looking to replace or supplement their car with bicycles. I’ve just ordered a Montague Paratrooper folding bike for this reason because it’s a full sized mountain bike that I can (probably) fit under my desk. It’s wonderful that people are looking for alternatives and that companies are building bikes to suit. The Trek Transport reminds me a lot of vintage Japanese bikes I saw being used as pack animals in Taiwan and Hong Kong in the late 80s and early 90s (the bikes probably date back to WWII and before), they were just still in use when I lived there.

    Hi i just test rode the trek transport and the kona ute
    I am try ing to find a car replacement with family of 4 two girls 4 & 6 years
    her are my pro / con list
    both bikes are alu this is bad for the aftermrket additions
    kona appears a little more slower handling
    trek seems stiffer when laden
    trek has stronger 26″ wheels
    kona has 700c
    kona front forks wereold school project 2 and were flexy under laden braking
    treks headtube is super beafy and keeps the stearing under control
    over all the kona riding position was more upright
    pro trek has front rack
    con it only holds 25lbs
    the kona has 2 paniers the trek only has one
    i would like to see a hollow crank on both bikes as they are just square drive
    both bike have electric assist options trek has regen braking this is agreat feature i dont know if the kona does or not
    i am definatly tempted by the trek but i need to try the dummy
    i rode the yuba mundo it felt as strong as an ox but i dont want to ride an ox i want a bike that can carry tools kids camping gear
    well that it for me

  • I'm looking to buy a Trek Transporter because my wife loves them. She still rides a great deal, and her 64 birthday is coming up shortly. So if anyone out there can spare me a couple of minutes and tell me where I can purchase one of these bikes, you'll be helping me celebrate a great day with a wonderful wife. Many thanks....

    The Trek Transport is a forthcoming longtail cargo bike with foldup loading racks in the rear, front rack, and cargo bags. The Transport is being launched alongside the Transport+, which is identical aside from the inclusion of a 350 watt rear hub motor.

    I have a 2013 Trek Transport size medium for sale. Bike is in like new condition, a few scratches on the rear rack but that is from storage. I paid close to $1,400 retail for it but I need a new mtb so I could use the cash. Includes one rear pannier. Great deal on a bike that could be super fun. Just in time for summer.

  • The Trek Transport is designed for urban cyclists who need to carry large loads with them. It features an aluminum frame, 21 speed gear shifter, wide stance kickstand and a front fender with mudflap. It also has front and rear lights designed directly into the bike, as well as front disk brakes and rear V-brakes. The Transport includes a front rack, and a rear cargo rack which can be folded up to save space. The bike also includes a Bontrager Transport cargo bag and features Trek's lifetime warranty.

Cargo Bike Review – Trek Transport+

Here's some of my photos. They will show what a blast I'm having with the Trek Transport. My biggest revelation is how fun it is to ride and how easy it is to pedal.