thundercats thundertank | Thundercats: Thundertank Statue

thundercats thundertank | Thundercats: Thundertank Statue

Combine the ThunderTank with Lion-O and Tygra's ThunderRacers for additional play.
WDL - Thundertanks (PS2) by 3DO
Too low to display
* Combine the ThunderTank with Lion-O and Tygra's ThunderRacers for additional play

ThunderCats ThunderTank w/ Exclusive Snarf

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  • Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats Hooo! Roll into battle with the 2011 ThunderCats ThunderTank from the all new "ThunderCats" animated adventure series from Warner Bros. Animation! The ThunderTank comes with a 4" scaled Snarf figure, designed to activate the magnetic "ThunderCats, Hooo!" sound effects.

    COOL! I never had any of the ThunderCats vehicles but had a bunch of figures. I think from the core teams I was missing Cheetara, Vultureman & Monkian. Always wanted the vehicles & playsets but don’t ever really recall seeing them in person. Yeah the ThunderTank is one of the coolest hero rides in my opinion! Glad you got one!

  • After seeing the new thundertank at toy fair, it made miss the old one. So I went on Ebay to look for one to possibly buy, but to my surprise they were all missing the treads or had them but they had cracked or broken.

    The Classic Thundertank from the 1980's cartoon. In very good condition, just missing rubber tracks which is very common with this vehicle due to them being lost or perishing over the years. Fully functional but the claw on one side does not pop up, possible spring has come loose.

    Thundertank Loose
    Thundertank Loose

  • Built by: Panthro
    Owned by: ThunderCats
    Strengths: Extremely versatile and able to be utilised on a variety of different terrains, also equipped with a vast array of weaponry and other features
    Weaknesses: Substantive size can cause difficulty if the Thundertank becomes immobilised, occasionally causing its occupants to become trapped within or underneath it

    The ThunderTank includes a 4" scaled exclusive figure of Snarf with embedded magnet called ThunderLynx, which will be used to activate a unique figure.

The ThunderTank as seen in the 2011 TV series

Note that you will find the scale of this statue and the Cats’ Lair polystone environment are not in line. They aren’t intended to be displayed alongside each other. However, the ThunderTank statue is perfectly scaled to use as a display for the Icon Heroes mini mates, and you can seat the adult cats in the cockpit as if they were designed for this Tank. Be aware that the chances of scuffing the detailed paint job are high, so take care if you do this.