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  • The game of Operation has been operating for decades, yet it never seems to get old. Somewhat of a rarity; it's a game that relies not on one's capacity for strategic thought or trivia knowledge, but rather your cool headedness and steady hand. You're the surgeon in this game and it's your job to save 'Cavity Sam' by removing his many ailments, but like all things, the winner is determined by who has the most money at the end of it all.

    John Spinello, inventor of the classic game Operation, only received $500 for his idea back in 1964. Now, aged 77, he's struggling to pay medical bills.

  • Watch as cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bill Dorfman examines the man who created the classic game Operation, and hear what he recommends to restore his smile.

    “I was inspired by the game Operation by Hasbro. This game was the perfect theme for these photos. The two-page design and use of red and yellow mimics the full body and colors of the game board. The product choices are medically related: blue bandage tape and actual medical labeling tape used in hospitals,. The comic strip tape and a pun for the title reminded me of the buzzing sound made when the tweezers hit the metal in the game. There are hearts and heartbeat stitching–the heart is one of the removable organs in the game.”

  • John Spinello, who invented the board game Operation nearly 50 years ago, ironically, now needs a real operation — but the 77-year-old Illinois man can’t afford it.

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