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  • The walker modifications consist of two screen springs measuring 16¼ in (41.28 cm) in length and ½ in (1.27 cm) in diameter. One spring is taped to each side of a stationary walker with about 10 in (25.4 cm) extending out perpendicular to the walker handgrips (Figure).

    Following indoor exercises are helpful to burn calories. An exercise of arms, core muscles, back and a leg muscle as described below causes simultaneous contraction and relaxation of multiple muscles resulting in burning of calories. Balancing and maintaining straight position may be difficult for obese patient. Obese individual is encouraged to use cane, walker and stationary object to support while doing exercise in standing position. If balancing is difficult then do not perform sit up and stationary walking exercises.

  • A simple, inexpensive method has been developed at our facility to improve the ability of a blind person to walk with a stationary walker. Previously, such a patient was forced to make frequent stops to remove his hands from the walker in order to use them to reorient himself as to his location. With proper training in using our modified walker, the patient is able to maintain a firm grasp of the walker at all times, enabling him to walk with minimal interruption and with greater safety.

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