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Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow Velvet Pillow

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  • Paladone, a gift supplier with a whole range of different products has recently unveiled a whole slew of new Sonic the Hedgehog inspired merchandise. Several new items have been made available for pre-order courtesy of the UK based retailer .

    Whatever could it be..? That would be telling, wouldn’t it! Get an exclusive first look as we announce a brand new piece of official Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise! Anybody serious about their merch will LOVE this… We certainly do!

  • This is a video of my Sonic the Hedgehog Collection consisting of thousands of pieces of merchandise such as plushes, figures, toys, displays, pin's, etc. This was uploaded on the same day as Sonic's 20th Anniversary. I have been playing Sonic games since 1991 and over the years I acquired and collected all kinds of Sonic merchandise including plushes, figures, toys, promos etc. just because I find the character of Sonic to be very likable and his games mean just as much to me today as they did 20 years ago. If you see anything in this video that you would like me to do a video on, just leave a comment below as on my channel I do individual in-depth reviews of the Sonic items shown in this collection video. Video responses of your own Sonic collections are also welcomed and encouraged! Also be sure to check out my website for news, updates, and general talk about Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise.

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    In a recent Email between merch-seller Ogilvie on the SSMB, his distributor of Jazwares merchandise has said that the company will no longer be carrying Sonic the Hedgehog Merchandise.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 20 oz. Heat-Reactive Ceramic Mug
    Vandor Sonic the Hedgehog Mugs
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    Rememeber how much playing Sonic was? Back in the day, there were two types of people in this world. Those who owned a Nintendo and those who owned a Sega Genesis. Sonic was really the flagship for Sega back then, and now you can remind all of your friends just how much fun Sonic was when you wear any of our officially-licensed Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise.

Sonic The Hedgehog Promotional Merchandise (Part 2)