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snoopy takes the ball from Geordie, rushes around the goal the other way, Mamma, do you see?

Peanuts Snoopy Pillow Buddy

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  • Snoopy loves root beer and pizza, hates coconut candy and listening to balloons being squeezed, gets claustrophobia in tall weeds, and is deathly afraid of icicles dangling over his doghouse. One of his hobbies is reading Leo Tolstoy's epic novel at the rate of "a word a day". Snoopy also has the uncanny ability to play fetch with soap bubbles, and can hear someone eating marshmallows or cookies at a distance, or even peeling a banana. He claims to hear chocolate chip cookies calling him. Snoopy is also capable of , as shown in a series of strips ("Grins are easy. Noses are hard. Ears are almost impossible.").

    Snoopy also loves sleeping, and being lazy - a trait which often annoys . Snoopy often lies on top of his doghouse and sleeps, sometimes all day long. In one strip, refers to him as a "hunting dog", because he always hunts for the easy way out of life.

  • In the very early years of , Snoopy behaved much like an average, everyday pet. Gradually, however, he became more like a human than a dog. Snoopy was a silent character during the first two years of the strip, but he eventually verbalized his thoughts to readers for the first time (in a thought balloon) on .

    Snoopy is loyal, funny, imaginative and good-natured. He is also a genuinely happy dog. A running gag within the strip is that he does a "happy dance", which annoys because she believes that nobody can ever be that happy. However, Snoopy just thinks Lucy is jealous because she is not capable of being as happy as he is. The only thing that truly upsets him is a lack of . Snoopy, being a dog, has a strong hatred of cats, often making rude remarks to the (Who usually attacks him and destroys his doghouse) and in one series of strips writes stories for a magazine which just point out that cats are stupider than, and inferior to, dogs. However, Snoopy has on occasions tried to be nice to the cat next door, but their relationship always remains antagonistic.

    The Peanuts gang
    Top row left to right: Woodstock, Snoopy, Charlie Brown
    Bottom row left to right: Franklin, Lucy van Pelt,
    Linus van Pelt, Peppermint Patty, Sally Brown
    Author(s) Charles M. Schulz
    Current status / schedule Concluded, in reruns
    Launch date October 2, 1950 (dailies), January 6, 1952 (Sundays)
    End date January 3, 2000 (dailies), February 13, 2000 (Sundays)
    Syndicate(s) English:
    United Feature Syndicate
    (October 2, 1950 – February 26, 2011)
    Universal Uclick
    (February 27, 2011 – present)
    Genre(s) Humor, gag-a-day, satire, children, adults

  • Noun1.Snoopy - a fictional beagle in a comic strip drawn by Charles Schulz
    Adj.1.snoopy - offensively curious or inquisitive; "curious about the neighbor's doings"; "he flipped through my letters in his nosy way"; "prying eyes"; "the snoopy neighbor watched us all day"
    nosey, nosy, prying
    curious - eager to investigate and learn or learn more (sometimes about others' concerns); "a curious child is a teacher's delight"; "a trap door that made me curious"; "curious investigators"; "traffic was slowed by curious rubberneckers"; "curious about the neighbor's doings"

    Schulz moved Snoopy's sleeping location from inside his to the rooftop. Preceding that, Snoopy gradually changed from being a quadrupedal dog to a bipedal, anthropomorphic character, like typical cartoon animals.

Snoopy (Character) - Comic Vine

When Stewie tells Chris that he can't always get things right in "", he sets up a cutaway of Snoopy's "original "Happy Dance"" in which Snoopy does a bump and grind against .