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  • Children's Knitting Machine. 7. ... Singer Toy Sewing Machine Instructions. A toy Singer sewing machine introduces the mechanics of sewing on a...

    Most all of the earlier Singer toy sewing machines are considered highly collectible today and are the most popular machine that we sell. They were so popular in their day that other toy sewing machine makers decided to get a piece of the action by copying the Singer design, and a host of what have come to be known among collectors as "look-alikes" were produced by assorted American and foreign manufacturers over the years. For collectors that means there are many exciting variations to be found, and one could assemble an outstanding collection of only Singers and the look-alikes just by focusing on all of the different models, colors and variations in their cases and boxes.

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    The Singer Mannequin set w/ a model 20-10 sewing machine is one of the most desirable and hardest to find of all Singer toy sewing machines produced. It was offered to children so they could learn to love to sit at home using their Singer sewing machine to create clothes for themselves and their families. I wonder how many little girls at this period in the late 50's 60's were thinking about becoming fashion designers and this was their first stepping stone to that path instead.

  • Most customers found this Singer toy sewing machine way too loud for comfort and the needle cover very difficult to unscrew each time re-threading or changing it is required. The needle’s location on the sewing machine makes this situation time consuming on the part of the parent supervising sewing sessions.

Singer Deluxe Toy Chainstitch Sewing Machine in Sewing

Hi, I have a Singer Sewhandy toy electric sewing machine model 50D. I was hoping to get some information here. I now have the needle inserted so as to thread from front to back. I had it sewing by just turning the hand wheel without the electric, and it had a nice chain stitch for a few inches and now the thread just lays on top of the fabric. Can't remember how I had the needle inserted when I first started. [senior thing] I can see that the hook isn't picking up the thread. I tried a few adjustments but nothing seems to work. Are there manuals or instruction books for this machine and am I threading it correctly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Phyllis