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  • 2013 marked the 90th anniversary of RoseArt. The company was established when Isidor Rosen founded the Rosebud Art Company in in 1923. During the 1970s, the company renamed itself RoseArt. Rose Art has been a subsidiary of since 2005.

    In September 2006, the former owners of Rose Art Industries filed suit against Mega Brands, alleging by company executives in 2005 and 2006. MEGA Brands counter sued and in November 2009 the parties settled. The Rosens agreed to pay back $17.2 million and forgo claims of an additional $54.8 million.

  • Since the beginning, RoseArt has many different art supplies (including crayons, markers, colored pencils, chalk, paint, etc.). Over the years, RoseArt supplies have come in many different colors. Below is a list of art supplies.

    Mega Brands America, Inc., formerly known as Rose Art Industries, LLC, is an arts and stationery company based in . It sells products primarily under the brands RoseArt, The Board Dudes, The Write Dudes, USA Gold, Moon Products, MEGA Puzzles and Fuzzy Poster. It is owned by parent company , a -based company. It has additional operations in , and .

    Roseart Magnetix Primary Set 20pc

  • Roseart Magnetix Primary Set 20pc -Trans

    1/12/86-2/16/86 The Joseph Masheck Collection of Contemporary Art 1/12/86-2/16/86 Wilderness: A Video Installation by Mary Lucier 3/7/86-4/13/86 Sculptural Objects & Installations 5/4/86-6/15/86 Stephen Antonakos 7/8/86-9/7/86 Contemporary New England Artists: Selections from the Permanent Collection 9/28/86-11/2/86 25th Annual Exhibition: Selected 20th Century Paintings 11/16/86-12/21/86 Collected Visions: 12 Contemporary Photographers 1/15/87-2/22/87 Jack Bush on Paper 1/15/87-2/22/87 Two Brandeis Painters 3/13/87-4/19/87 Expressive Systems/Eloquent Voices 5/3/87-6/14/87 Ten at the Rose 2/12/87-8/16/87 Selections form the Permanent Collection 9/13/87-10/25/87 Jene Highstein 11/6/87-12/20/87 Lester Johnson: Selected Paintings 1970-1987 1/30/88-3/6/88 Tangible Choices: Five Sculptors at Work 3/20/88-5/1/88 Michelle Stuart- Silent Gardens: The American Landscape 5/15/88-8/28/88 Jack Berthot: Paintings 1969-88 9/20/88-10/23/88 Friedel Dzubus: Selected Paintings from Four Decades 11/4/88-12/18/88 Selections from the Permanent Collection 1/22/89-2/26/89 Art & the Law 3/10/89-4/23/89 Restive Visions 5/7/89-6/18/89 Dorothea Rockburne 8/27/89-10/22/89 Selections from the Permanent Collection 11/3/89-12/17/89 Allusion Dimension 3/17/91-4/28/91 The Contemporary Drawing: Existence, Passage, Dream 5/12/91-7/28/91 Robert Hudson: Sculpture/ William T. Wiley: Paintings 9/19/91-11/3/91 Insight on Sight: Environments by Andrew & Geoffrey Bensen, Ellen Driscoll, Lillian Hsu- Flanders 11/21/91-1/5/92 Sonata & Permanent Collection 1/23/92-3/1/92 Ely Bielutin & the New Russian Avant Garde 3/21/92-4/26/92 Breakdown 3/21/92-4/26/92 David Akiba 8/16/92-9/20/92 Selections from the Permanent Collection 10/3/92-11/15/92 Kiki Smith: Unfolding the Body 12/5/92-1/17/93 Jackie Ferrara Sculpture: A Retrospective 1/30/93-3/14/93 African American Perspectives 4/1/93-5/23/93 Prefab: Reconsidering the Legacy of the 60's 5/15/93-7/31/93 Manny Farber 8/28/93-10/17/93 Robert Richenburg: Abstract Expressionist 11/6/93-12/19/93 Hoardena Pendell: A Retrospective 1972-1992 1/27/94-3/27/94 Seeing and Believing 4/15/94-7/31/94 Joan Snyder Painter, 1959 to Now 11/3/94-12/18/94 Hardly Academic: Recent Works by Studio Faculty, Brandeis Rose Art Museum Exhibitions Page 6


Rose Art Markers Just in time for Spring, Rose Art has come out with a fun new twist on sidewalk chalk. Rose Art’s new Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk is a set of 7 different colored pieces of chalk in fun themes such as a flower or a monster. The fun part of these new sidewalk chalks is that the center piece of chalk has a surprise hidden inside. Each themed chalk package has one of 4 different related figures hidden inside. For example the Sea Life package has figures such as a clam or a dolphin. These chalks are great for creating sidewalk masterpieces and because there are so many different figures possible, they are fun to collect and trade.
Sidewalk chalk is fun for kids because they can express their creativity and use their imaginations without making a giant mess inside the house. And when they are done their designs can be left for the rain to wash them away or washed off with a hose. Sometimes hosing off the designs can be just as much fun! My girls like to cover our driveway with sidewalk chalk designs, put on their bathing suits, and then wash the chalk away as they play with the hose. Make sure to grab Rose Art’s Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk at Target, Walmart, and Kmart stores now!Creating a fun masterpiece on a cool and sunny Florida day!
Rose Art’s Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk comes in 5 fun themes:
Cori’s Coupon Corner and The Sassy Little Bloggers LOVE Rose Art!Watch as The Sassy Little Blogger shows how she uses the sidewalk chalk to create her beautiful work of art:.97

$1/3 RoseArt RP Insert 07/29/2012 (exp 10/07/2012)
Pay $1.91 WYb 3
Final Price A few weeks ago, a box landed on our doorstep and I opened it to find it packed full of LeapFrog and RoseArt goodies! Homeschool preschool has been awesome so far this year. Bryson is writing his letters, spelling his name, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and it’s just been so fun to watch him learn and grow. Bella is very into it too. She loves to color and get in on the action! She’s even started counting some..63 Each