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Syma X9 Fly Car 4 Channel 2.4Ghz RC Quadcopter - WHITE

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  • There are a wide variety of state and local laws and ordinances affecting model aircraft. Many state and local governments restrict or prohibit model aircraft from being flown at local parks. Some state laws purport to restrict or prohibit aerial photography using unmanned aircraft, though such laws would likely be found invalid if challenged in court due to federal preemption, as the FAA has exclusive regulatory jurisdiction over all aircraft and airspace from the surface up. Any laws restricting aerial photography of areas where no reasonable expectation of privacy exists would also likely be vulnerable to challenges under the .

    Under a 2014 edict from the , model aircraft and other unmanned aircraft operations are prohibited on all land administered by the National Park Service, with some exceptions for preexisting model aircraft fields that were established prior to the adoption of this rule. Because the National Park Service does not have jurisdiction over airspace, which is exclusively governed by the FAA, this rule only applies to unmanned aircraft flown from National Park Service land. It does not apply to overflight of National Park Service land by unmanned aircraft operated elsewhere.

  • The governs model aircraft operations at all model aircraft clubs and flying fields affiliated with the organization, which includes the majority of designated model aircraft flying fields in the United States.

    There are additional legal implications related to the use of radio frequencies for command and control of radio-controlled aircraft. Licensed amateur radio operators are expressly allowed to use amateur radio frequencies for telecommand of model aircraft, per . However, the Federal Communications Commission prohibits using amateur radio frequencies for commercial activity (generally any form of economic grain or for-profit activity). The FCC has not yet addressed the issue of creating designated command and control frequencies for commercial unmanned aircraft, and many civilian unmanned aircraft continue to use amateur radio frequencies, even when used for commercial purposes. Though it has not so far pursued any enforcement actions related to use of amateur radio frequencies for commercial unmanned aircraft, the FCC has the authority to levy civil forfeitures and fines into the tens of thousands of dollars for violations of its regulations.


    Instead of spending big bucks on one of those high power RC car motors Rabbithazen was thinking outside the box and used a Ryobi drill motor in his RC car. It wouldn’t make sense to go and buy a new drill just to harvest the motor but there are lots of ways to pick these up cheap. For example, most cities have a warranty depot where non-repairable drills with perfectly good motors are going into the trash.

    "Here is my e-revo recently i tore apart my brand new 18V Ryobi drill. it was a direct bolt-on to the motor plate. i am running two 7cell NIMH packs. This motor does crazy wheelies with 3/4 throttle, full it lifts the back wheels off the ground onto its wing. after a full run this motor barely gets warm. It’s almost still room temp."

  • In June 2014 the (FAA) issued a notice of interpretation regarding the Special Rule for Model Aircraft in Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act passed by Congress in February 2012, which exempted model aircraft meeting certain criteria from future FAA rulemaking. In this document, the FAA stated its position that, "Model aircraft that do not meet these statutory requirements are nonetheless unmanned aircraft, and as such, are subject to all existing FAA regulations, as well as future rulemaking action, and the FAA intends to apply its regulations to such unmanned aircraft." The notice of interpretation further stated that even model aircraft that do qualify for the Sec. 336 exemption are legally considered aircraft, and the FAA has authority to pursue enforcement actions against model aircraft operators who do not comply with certain provisions of Part 91 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, including the prohibition against careless and reckless operation of an aircraft in 14 CFR 91.13 and , which requires that "vigilance shall be maintained by each person operating an aircraft so as to see and avoid other aircraft." Because the FAA has not yet sought to enforce this regulation against unmanned aircraft operators, whether it applies to model aircraft and what actions are necessary for compliance are currently unknown.

About the Traxxas Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta RC Car:

Stationery seems to be in majorly short supply at the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO). For over six months now, around one lakh Registration Certificate (RC) books of two and four-wheelers have been pending because the office has no paper to print them on. Hapless applicants have been forced to make several rounds of the RTO and the General Post Office (GPO) for their RC books. Every day, long queues of people can be seen at the RTO arguing with staffers.