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Rainbow Light, Men's One Multivitamin, 150 Count

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  • Founded by Roger Yang in 2004, Rainbow Light Optical Co., Ltd was mainly a distributor of sapphire wafer scribing system, providing equipment and consumable material sales and after-care service.

    In this time, Earth and humanity is walking to the edge of the bridge where on the other side our future is (it is, in fact, a future timeline, and thus, time may really feel like it’s accelerating the closer you get to the bridge). Each step towards the bridge we leave the old reality (i.e., timeline) behind. We are dropping the old humanity and with it the death program, as well as all limiting beliefs that hold us in finite living patterns. On the other side we are immortal and infinite, and all projections of reality re-aligned with immortality and infinity. With the support of the elementals, bees especially as the weavers of the new physical Earth grid, and our star families, we are being guided to “land” the Rain Body Light grid into the physical Earth. It is through the powerful vehicle of the unified heart (the embodiment of our soul light, divine masculine and feminine, God connection, and divine intelligence) that we can bring the infinite possibilities reality through our heart and re-project the Earth’s hologram to reflect infinity and a new cosmic Earth positioning.

  • The small size,low cost and high resolution properties of the newly developed Rainbow Light Micro Spectro-module give it a competitive edge over other products,easy intergration with various hardware and software,and a wide range of applications.

    A dragonfly died in my midst a couple of nights ago. I watched as the creature’s wings pulsated with a soft flutter, and she awaited her physical death. I put a ball of light around her and asked the angels to assist in her transition. The fluttering of her wings stopped. She quieted, and I heard a beautiful message that she would come back to the Earth as pure light essence. She would emerge as part of the Earth’s new Rainbow Light Body. With this message, a puzzle piece was completed, and I felt the emergence of the Rainbow Light and the Rose Merkaba, which will propel us into a new human experience of infinity.

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    The Rainbow Light Urn is created in a full color imprint process. These custom urns are striking and beautiful. If you choose to do so, we can add an image of your loved one, you will receive a mock-up for approval before imprinting when you choose this feature. The text box is there for you to indicate your engraving requirements and notes on the imprinting.

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Rainbow Light products cover a variety of categories ranging from specific health concerns to the dietary needs of their customers. The most popular items include their Men's One and Women's One multivitamins, Enhanced Enzyme System and Vitamin D 1,000 IU Sunny Gummies.