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You don't need to break the bank to get an entry-level PS4 headset. The following options will get you started for under $50.

VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4, Bass Over-ear Headphones with Mic and LED Lights for Laptop PC Computer Smartphones(Blue)

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  • When you excitedly tear open the box of your new PS4, you'll see the sexy, sleek system; the attractive, perfectly-sized controller... and a cheap looking headset. The headset doesn't get any better once you plug it in, as it basically has the look, feel, and capabilities of the type of cellphone headset a businessman would use in the nineties. Luckily, there are a variety of aftermarket headsets out there that match the look and feel of the PS4, and they have the exciting bonus of giving you a great auditory experience when you play, too. We all have those late night game sessions every once in awhile, and a good headset keeps you from having to play on an annoyingly low volume or even worse- on mute! This is a list of a few of the best PS4 headsets out there (in no particular order) so that you can take your gaming experience to the next level.

    A wireless headset with full Dolby 5.1 surround sound? That’s insanity! The wireless headset is also stylish, again with blue PS4 accents. It’s 100% wireless for the PS3, and only requires a wired connection to the PS4 for chatting. It sports interference-free, dual-band wireless technology that allows for uninterrupted gameplay and voice chat. Surround sound is more important in some games than others, so if you’re big on games that rely on sound response, this is the PS4 gaming headset for you.

  • If you can't justify the steep price tags on some of these sets, Tritton offers a $50 budget pair of gaming headphones that are still leagues ahead of the PS4 headset you get in the box. Made with the PS4 in mind, this headset lets you chat with teammates and play games quietly in the wee hours of the morning without having to sacrifice audio. It's not the sleekest-looking thing in the world, and you'll be giving up a little in the way of comfort, but this is a great starter headset for the casual gamer or for someone who needs to save money. It's lightweight, the sound isn't bad and it's fairly easy to travel with though, so don't count it out just because it's cheap.

    And there you have it, four of the best PS4 gaming headsets on the market right now - looking for more options? Check out our . Whether you have a ton of money to spend or you're pinching pennies, there are definitely options out there for a gamer who appreciates good sound. If you've never considered buying a gaming headset before, there's never been a better time to check them out. Whether you're in the middle of a warzone in "Battlefield 4" or creeping through the tension-filled hallways of "Alien:Isolation", one of these awesome headsets will definitely enhance the experience to levels you've never imagined.

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    Then make sure Headphones Output is selected and set to Chat Audio, and plug the RIG USB cable into the Playstation 4 console for multiplayer chat. The Sony PlayStation 4 headset features exceptional audio quality, only found in professional-grade products. An innovative mixer - the heart of the RIG system - seamlessly connects the virtual world and the real world. Find the perfect mix of game audio, voice chat and smartphone audio with twin sliders, and take a call with one touch. In addition, the PS4 headset also features interchangeable mics - the noise-cancelling boom blocks background noise for clear communication, and can be swapped out for the inline mic with mute and call control for music, chat or gaming on the go.

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    The PlayStation 4 headset from Plantronics is worldwide available for a suggested retail price of $129.99 USD. Prices may vary from country to country. Offering universal compatibility with Personal Computer / Mac, Xbox 360, Sony PS4, PS3, smartphones and tablets, RIG elegantly moves between computers, consoles and mobile devices without missing a beat.

    Plantronics PlayStation 4 stereo headset

    What’s great about the headset is the fact that it’s an over-the-ear set you can get for less than $50. What’s not to love about that? It uses a 3.5mm headphone jack, enabling compatibility with portable gaming consoles, tablets, laptops and smartphones as well as the PS4. They also work with the PS3, PS Vita and other mobile devices. And, notably cheaper than their Xbox One counterpart (so you can rub it in when talking to your Xbox friends). It’s the ideal PS4 gaming headset.

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Buy if You: Are looking for a budget product that doesn’t have a lot of features but gets the job done right. This is the best product in this price range when it comes to PS4 Headsets.