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Posie K Lip Kit

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  • TAG : Sister sister! Wear posietint & posiebalm just-picked perfection.
  • i'm asian so its really hard to find a perfect tint for my complexion. i've tried lots of products but nothing worked great as much as POSIETINT. it looks really natural on my skin and lasts very long. it's the last thing that comes off from my face thats why i love it. The price is also sensible, the content lasts very long so the price is very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this to my friends. - which i already did by the way ;)

    I'm an Asian girl with medium skin tone and have been avoided Posie tint because I thought the pink color wouldn't match to my complexion, but I now knew that I was wrong. I like to use it because I look like I have a natural pretty pink lips using it.

  • I've used posietint for both cheeks and lips, and I am absolutely in love with it! It has lasting power and gives a light stain that stays all day. It also isn't drying and goes well under lip gloss. I have trouble finding pink tones that don't look awful on my skin and this one looks great! I have friends with many different skin tones who all use this same color and it manages to work for all of us. Will definitely buy again!

    I love Posietint! I wear it on my cheeks everyday. It instantly makes me look alive and refreshed. It is very natural looking as well, since it is unlike most blushes that just sit on top of your skin and look powerdery or glittery, the tint actually blends into your skin in a very natural way and lasts a longgggg time!

    Posie (left) with Rosie (right)
    Name Posie
    Origin Ring around the Rosie
    Sex Female
    Species Human
    Status Alive
    Eye Color None
    Hair Color Purple
    Relatives Rosie (twin sister)
    Occupation(s) Patient or Nurse
    Residence Grimmoire

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    Posietint you give me the color in my white cheeks and makes every day brighter in my life , what would I do without you?A poppy-pink stain that makes me improve my pale face, it dries fast, and it lasts for a long time. Posietint you were my fist Benefit product that I bought and I will keep buying you pinky promise ;)

A: Posietint Cheek & Lip Stain is 0.42 US fl. oz., gorgeous!xoxo, B

If you like pink then you will love posietint! It looks great on my super fair skin. Sometimes I just dab on a little for a light shade of pink on my lips, and other times I put on a few extra layers for a bright bright pink! It also looks very sweet and natural on my cheeks. This stuff also lasts for a few hours, but still wish it was longer. I also wish they made the Pocket Pal with posietint. Personally the original benetint does not work for me, so I would love to have a smaller version of posietint to carry in my bag.