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  • If you are a child of the ‘80s you may reminisce over the video games you used to play. Well reminisce no more! The Plug and Play Retro TV Games will transport you back to the heady days of Pong, Space Base, Racing Fighter and many, many more. The compact, portable controller that easily connects to your 21st century TV, will in moments immerse you back to your childhood. Or give the kids a ‘living history’ lesson of how we used to live!

    Setting up plug and play TV game is not that tough as it consist of game controller along with game software and a connector as a one complete unit. This one complete unit just require a connction to a RCA input in the TV, this Plug and Play TV games has been a great success because of its portability and it is cheap and is easily available in the market, Children are more fond of this as they can be carried to anywhere and it is complatible with many or you can say every TV.

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