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"Piggy Bank" contains several references to the rap community:

Carters Smiley Happy Piggy Bank, Silver

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  • In the United States, piggy banks marched down the cute path and never looked back. From the on, American Bisque Company and American Pottery Company produced countless figural character piggy banks using slip-mold production techniques. Invariably, the animals created for these piggy banks had long eyelashes and big smiles, whose corners ended in a crevice of rosy cheeks. Betty and Floyd were two early, highly collectible ABC banks.

    Meanwhile, in The Netherlands, production potters in Makkum and Workum made souvenir piggy banks for the post-war tourist trade. Polish and Hungarian potters sold their piggy banks in department stores such as Vroom & Dreesman. Also inexpensive were the Mexican piggy banks, which were made of a very lightweight ware and featured a handle on their banks.

  • Brush Pottery was another piggy-bank producer. Known for its cookie jars and lawn ornaments, its piggy-bank heyday was the 1950 and ’60s, when it made several variations of pigs in tuxedoes. Frankoma made piggy banks, as did Gonder Art Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio—its Sheriff piggy bank with a badge that reads "Money Guard" is especially collectible. Hull Pottery made dime banks with almost-round bodies and pastel glazes, while its famous Corky banks had corks in their noses (a pull-ring in the cork allowed an impatient child to get at his or her dimes in a hurry).

    Before Beswick was sold to in 1969, it made a cigar-chomping high-rolling porker of a piggy bank, whose surface appeared drawn in graphite or colored pencil before being glazed. Finally, in the , James Sadler & Sons created cute little piggy banks that were decorated with kilts, overalls, and traditional caps.

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    Because of their cartoonish appearance, piggy banks were naturally used as three-dimensional canvases for cartoon and children’s characters. Shawnee made a Howdy Doody bank in 1950 for one year until it was ordered to cease and desist due to copyright infringement—these banks are thus highly collectible. ABC made banks depicting Fred and Wilma Flintstone, as well as many Disney characters.

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The Flying Piggy Bank has the same features as a Piggy Bank, but is summoned by using a . The Flying Piggy Bank spawns in the direction the Money Trough was used, and floats in mid-air. The Flying Piggy Bank expires after three minutes.