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phil&teds Dot Inline Stroller with Second Seat, Graphite

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  • With the Doubles Kit, the Phil & Teds can be configured into an inline stroller with an incredibly small “footprint.” Because one child sits almost directly below the other the Phil and Teds double strollers are not much longer than an ordinary stroller.

    We have had the phil and ted sport stroller for a couple of years now. I love it! I love that it can be used from the time your baby is born up until they are big. Then when another baby comes along, you can add them in also. We researched long and hard before we spent the money on a stroller. I didn't want to end up with four or five strollers like a lot of people do, and I think we did pretty well. There are a couple of cons though. It is pretty pricey, the front wheel definitely shakes if you get into a fast jog or run, and it does take up a lot of space in the car. Oh and it doesn't have a cup holder. I would not recommend this stroller if you only have a sedan. It will take up the whole trunk. We had a cheap umbrella stroller for the trunk and for the airport, but otherwise we use the phil and teds stroller. It has been a great purchase and I can't wait to try it out when we have two kids. It is pricey, but I think we'd buy it again.

  • I bought the Phil and Teds stroller last year because I thought it would be great to have a stroller that can convert to a double but not be too long or too wide. I am expecting our second son any day now and I am really excited to be able to use it with both of them. I have used it wiht my son and my nephew in toddler/toddler mode, but we’ll see how we like toddler/baby mode. Also, I just got the travel system for our peg-perego carseat and installed it, and for the life of me I do not understand why you can’t use that AND the doubles seat on the back. It probably is a weight adjustment issue, but I think i’m gonna try it anyway.

    Though on the pricey side a Phil and Ted stroller is well worth the investment! With 2 kids 20 months apart we looked and looked at other strollers and finally found this beauty on craigslist. It was more than worth it to buy the 2nd seat from the company. I would recommend a Phil and Ted product to anyone!

    Child Comfort
    The kids love this stroller! We have another "traditional" double stroller that the kids hate to sit in. When we pull out the Phil and Ted's they're always excited to ride in it.

    NO comparison to any other double stroller! Because the 2nd seat is behind the first it drives like a single stroller. Plus, because it's a jogging stroller you get the maneuverability of a high-quality front pivot.

    The only reason for the 7 is because the tires have actual inner tubes in them that tend to go flat quite easily. However, you buy new inner tubes and well as any part of a discoed stroller on their website, which is awesome!

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  • I bought the Phil and Ted sport after much research. I was very excited about the great design and thought that the short comming of limited storage would be more than offset by the great design. I already had a Chariot double for use at home for frequent long walks and was looking for something that I could use for my almost 3 year old and newborn out and about with the car.

    From day 1, this stroller has failed to perform as I expected it too. I was use to my Mountain Buggy Urban, which pushes like a dream, with one hand, super easy. The phil and ted stroller, even without the doubles seat, pales in comparison, it is very hard to push with one hand, a huge problem when you need to hold a toddlers hand in the parking lot of store, push a toddler while calming an infant, or just want to finish your drink. On that basis alone, I can't recommend it, but additionally, I have had numerous problems with the tires and tubs, resulting in frequent flats. I am currently waiting on yet another new tire/wheel assembly from the company (these are not warrentied, and I am only getting them because I have had problems from day 1). Meanwhile, I am afraid to go further than around the block because if the tire blows, you cannot push the stroller and must find another way home. Overall, the quality is not as good as I would have expected.

    If you are used to a graco, you might find this to be a fine stroller, but if you are accustomed to a better ride like the Mountain Buggy or bugaboo, do yourself a favor and go with the Mountain Buggy Double, Easy Walker Duo Sky, or Baby Jogger City Classic Double. You will be much happier and not be in the land of regret.

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Hello everyone. I would be in dreamland if I would win this amazing super cool, multi adjustable, perfect and awesome Phil and Ted Stroller. I’m on below low income level and I just have very used or the 3rd and 4th level of handmedowns. This stroller would be the best item I would ever own for my son and daughter. I would never be able purchase a Stroller so amazing in my life.