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  • Don’t forget that playground games such as hopscotch, jump rope and four square can be turned into fun outdoor lawn games, too. (Provided you have a patio and/or driveway nearby, of course!) Sidewalk chalk, a ball and rope can go a long, long way in providing solid family entertainment for your family reunion.

    Looking for fun outdoor bowling games to be a part of your outdoor lawn games? Make your own! Fill 2-liter soda bottles with water or sand. The more full the bottles, the heavier they are and the harder the game. Adjust accordingly. Use a rubber playground ball as the bowling ball. Make the “lane” as short or long as needed based on the age and ability of the players.

  • Here’s an important safety tip: Don’t use real lawn darts or even regular inside darts (or anything with a sharp point, for any of your outdoor games, for that matter). Lawn darts were banned from sale in the US in 1988 because they were responsible for the deaths of 3 children. But, substitute “safety” darts or even a bean bag and you can still play these same outdoor lawn games. Played individually or in , darts are thrown at a target, such as a plastic ring, 35 (or so) feet away. Landing anywhere within the ring scores a point.

    Make your own homemade golf clubs from empty wrapping paper tubes with sturdy cardboard cut-outs for the golf club head. (If you’re looking for , convert the process of making outdoor lawn games, such as homemade golf clubs and miniature golf course, into your family’s craft project.)

    The easiest way to play croquet is to buy a croquet set from your local department store or favorite online vendor and then follow the included instructions. A set includes 6 wooden mallots, 9 wire wickets and 2 wooden stakes. Generally play is cut-throat, in that points are not scored but the winner is determined by the first person to finish the course. Players must hit their balls through the wickets in a certain order, touch the wooden stake at the end, reverse direction, hit the ball back through all of the wickets and finally finish by touching the wooden stake at the beginning of the course. There are many, many variations to the game. Some of these outdoor lawn games for croquet include:

  • This article will look at five of my favourite outdoor lawn games for children. I'll be offering options that are either free or inexpensive to get into. Hopefully you'll find them as entertaining as I do, and you and your kids will have tons of quality time playing together. Let's get started!

FUN outdoor lawn game with family and friends for up to 12 players

Outdoor lawn games, or backyard games, as they are sometimes called, are extremely versatile and therefore make great family reunion game ideas!