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Nuby 2-Pack Two-Handle No-Spill Super Spout Grip N' Sip Cups, 8 Ounce, Pink and Purple

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  • Nuby sippy cups come free of potentially harmful BPAs. Constructed of hard silicone, these lightweight cups resist the wear and tear that children can place on an item as they throw them around while drinking.

    Some Nuby sippy cups come to help keep the liquid within at its optimum temperature. That way drinks stay cold during the warm summer months, and warm liquids, such as formula, stay warm like they should.

  • When buying Nuby sippy cups online, shoppers need to keep in mind the amount that they want to purchase. Whether that includes one cup for a single child, or multiple cups for use with multiple children, or even just to allow for extras, shoppers should have an idea what they need before shopping. An option to consider is buying . Feeding sets provide everything a caregiver needs to take children from initially using a sippy cup to the point where they start drinking from a straw.

    Nuby sippy cups helps keep the top clean during travel. This in turn keeps children healthier while on the go. A toddler only has to flip the top to start drinking.

    Tall Nuby Sippy Cups – $3.99 on Amazon

    Nuby No Spill Flip It Cup– My daughter loved this one because she didn’t have to tip the cup up. The straw on this cup is actually soft and large enough that I could see introducing it to even a 6-7 month old! They are fatter than other sippy cups so they are a bit difficult to fit in a diaper bag. 

    Nuby No Spill Flip-it Cup $3.99 on Amazon

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    Nuby offers a variety of sippy cup colors. These include red, green, blue, purple, yellow, and pink. Additionally, Nuby sippy cups come in a wide selection of prints in themes for both boys and girls. These themes include fun animal prints, superheroes, and more.

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Anyone know how to avoid the problem witht he Nuby Sippy Cups of the nipple suctioning inward and needing to opent eh top after each drink to reset it???????

Anyone else having this problem???