LEGO NINJAGO Season 6 "Pirate Whip" by The Fold - YouTube

The Cartoon Network hasn’t announced the premiere date for Ninjago Season 6 yet, but you can bet we’ll pass it along once known.


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  • Ninjago Season 6, dubbed Skybound, will be premiering on the Cartoon Network here in North America next month. Before the new season starts, a new wave of LEGO Ninjago sets are scheduled to arrive in stores on March 1st. Who wants to wait that long?

    Target just started receiving the Ninjago Season 6 LEGO sets today as confirmed by looking up some of the DPCI numbers . Here’s a rundown of the DPCI numbers (sans Cole’s Dragon and Ninja Bike Chase) you can look up to see if they’ve arrived at Target stores in your city. They just started popping up here in Phoenix, Arizona today.

  • Yesterday the LEGO Ninjago Season 6 clip from Comic-Con finally made its way online via the official LEGO YouTube channel. It starts in a familiar place, the same biker bar where Morro visited in Season 5 and “recruited” his first ghost warrior. Only now Morro is gone and another familiar face has entered its doors.

    The next look at LEGO Ninjago Season 6 will probably come in the form of toy images later this fall. Don’t expect to see Season 6 on your TV set until early 2016.

  • Plus - YES! I got images of the clip from Comic-Con 2015 of Season 6!!!! If you google "ninjago season 6 clip", you would see an eye patch with Sensei Wu's hat on top, so obviously the next enemy is going to be the pirates, though there is something peculiar about this. Also, you see the police chief speaking against the ninja. Plus, Jay has a hood on and no ninja suit. I believe the ninja will be in a crisis, being looked for by the police and having pirates roam the land. No, the will not have the aid of the Destiny's Bounty (that's what I understood, if I'm correct) ;(. The ninjas will probably have no aid of any vehicle and will have to defeat this enemy with their agility and powers. Also, there is a rumor that Season 6 will come sooner than expected! Yay!! I believe the ninjas will have to defeat the pirates to clear their names. Maybe I am wrong? Find out on Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu: Season 6: Piracy!!

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Lego Ninjago SEASON 6 Intro!!! - YouTube

Here's my thoughts on the LEGO Ninjago Season 6 sets! They're finally here! The season airs in 2016 in the US... but let's take a look at these awesome sets. I believe the theme is called "LEGO Ninjago Skybound"!

In this video, the sets I cover are...

70599 Cole's Dragon
70600 Ninja Bike Chase
70601 Sky Shark
70602 Jay's Elemental Dragon
70603 Raid Zeppelin
70604 Tiger Widow Island
70605 Misfortune's Keep
10722 Snake Showdown
10725 Lost Temple

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