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Ninjago Sensei Wu Fun Pack - LEGO Dimensions

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  • Although it features a character from the forthcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie, The Master is not about Ninjago specifically. Instead, it gave Animal Logic a chance to offer a taste of what’s to come with their LEGO films and also have fun with the kung fu genre. “The cheesier the better,” said Taylor.

    This film looks like it could be really awesome or it could really not. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I'm kind of hoping it'll redeem the whole Ninjago line.

  • Great, informative article! It's neat to get some more insights into the technical demands of a short like this. And hopefully it'll make people more aware of the new challenges that come with rendering photorealistic clouds, plants, sand, and stone in the same scene as photorealistic LEGO bricks, so they won't be as likely to dismiss that decision as "laziness".

    @ZeeBricks: Why does the Ninjago line need redeeming? It's one of the LEGO Group's top themes, and has already gained a lot of respect from AFOLs with sets like , , and .

    Is it still kinda goofy sometimes? Sure, but if it weren't, it wouldn't be Ninjago. And I don't see people talking about LEGO Super Heroes, which is often just as strange, silly, and kid-oriented, needing the LEGO Batman Movie to "redeem" it.

    The Master: A LEGO Ninjago Short was directed by Jon Saunders, who wrote the film with Ross Evans. It features Master Wu being continually interrupted by the chicken. Both then engage in some destructive fighting in and around the temple. For the temple setting, Animal Logic had several early challenges. The first was that, despite now having vast experience in crafting brick environments, The Master would feature more of the natural world, such as clouds, sand, and plant-life. “We aimed from the start to capture the natural world, but from the macro viewpoint of a LEGO minifig,” said Taylor. “For the exterior, we focused on tiny plant details and realistic outdoor light.”

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Lloyd continued traveling with ninja, while Pythor continued his plan to unite all Serpentine tribes. He released two more, Venomari and Constrictai giving ninja even more powerful enemies to fight. Sensei Wu told ninjas the story about , a monstrous serpent-like reptile who turned his brother evil, that will consume the entire land into darkness. He can only be released with the Four Fang Blades, which is Pythor's primary mission. He also tells them that they need to unlock their full potentials to defeat the enemy. He then leaves his students. Ninja unlock their true potential, learn the secrets of their .