Warning: This Nerf gun mod can result in personal harm.

Full  for this Nerf chaingun are available - amazingly, it cost only $79 USD to make!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

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  • my son has been promised a new nerf gun as a reward! he wants the elite rampage but wants to start collecting the upgrade kits. will these fit this nerf gun or should i tell him he needs to get a modulus gun to go with upgrade kits? sorry hopeless mother!

    Yes, for some reason I’m now semi obsessed with the concept of Nerf Guns. For those of you who don’t know what one is, it’s a small gun shooting foam bullets. For those of you who still don’t know, theres a picture of one at left.

  • Some parts will fit, others will not. Any attachments from the kits that go on tactical rails will work with any Nerf Gun released within the last 8 years basically. But the barrels only work with guns that fire Elite darts. That means that any barrel attachment from the Modulus kits will not work with the Centurion. The scopes, sights, and bipods and stuff like that will work with anything. The barrels, no. Also, no Mega gun had a stock attachment point, so those won’t work either. I hope that answers the question to your satisfaction. Thanks for stopping by!

    BACKGROUND: Inspired by a true story. 8_Bit, whom the OC Eight Bit belongs to, kept shooting himself with his Nerf gun while on TeamSpeak. This story is the result of that tomfoolery.

  • So, the went down a treat with the kids and teachers at school. Now for the “home” birthday cake. Nerf Guns provide a lot of entertainment in our house and neighbourhood, this year my son Angus decided on a Nerf Gun Cake for his birthday. We had a look at the guns and decided on one, now it is made I am sure we could have chosen a less time-consuming gun!

World's LARGEST NERF GUN!! - YouTube

With a few extra tubes and a fan motor, Outof Darts came up with the ultimate Nerf gun. His mates at the local Nerf play field are probably crying now.