Kevin Durant talks about NBA 2K15 during a media event last month.

NBA 2K15 gamescom Screenshot 2 – Birdman/Haslem

Above: Memphis' Marc Gasol right before he lands flat on his back in NBA 2K15.

NBA 2K15 - PlayStation 4

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  • You can get a preview of what the NBA 2K15 rosters (Cavs, and the rest) might look like now, the has already been updated, with Lebron at the Cavs. Have Fun!

    Few team-based sports highlight the individual like basketball does, and even fewer allow the control of a game to pass through a single teammate. Basketball is a flashy sport, a sexy sport; filled with shoe-endorsements, slam-dunk contests, and courtside celebrities. While so many sports video games focus on the mechanics of the game as a whole, few do a great job of making the players on the field/rink/pitch/what-have-you feel as real as the players we watch on TV. While most games focus on the meat and potatoes of mechanics, NBA 2K15 is at work making the drama of sports feel alive.

  • This year’s title, like many of the iterations before it, plays best when you’re playing flashy, show-off basketball. Using the turbo button and the pro stick, you can leave opponents stuck in the mud and drive to the hoop; or create a little separation and nail the jumper. The game does reward you for passing the ball around - literally, just throw it around the perimeter a couple times and watch your shooting percentage improve - but it’s rare that the passing is as precise as you need it to be. The best strategy NBA 2K15 offers is to get the ball to your best players and let them go to work.

    Who knows what will happen between now and the start of next season? Many of the free-agency signings and deals are still being worked out. One thing we know for sure is that with 5 top 5 picks/3 #1 picks in 5 years (including the pick of this year’s draft, Andrew Wiggins), along with the addition of Lebron James (back) to the Cavs squad, we’ll be seeing a lot more people playing as the Cavs in NBA 2K15! (At the time of writing rumour has it the Cavs are trying to put together a deal for Kevin Love, so who knows what the end product will look like?).

    NBA 2K15
    Cover art featuring Kevin Durant
    Developer(s) Visual Concepts
    Publisher(s) 2K Sports
    Distributor(s) Take-Two Interactive
    Series NBA 2K
    Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
    Xbox One
    Xbox 360
    PlayStation 3
    PlayStation 4
    Release date(s)
    • JP: November 27, 2014
    • NA: October 7, 2014
    • AUS: October 9, 2014
    • WW: October 10, 2014
    • WW: October 16, 2014
    Genre(s) Sports
    Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

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    This strategy is actually good for myCAREER mode, which returns with a brand new story. Last year’s NBA2K had players play in a game to show off their skills before the draft, making your starting position in the NBA a little more varied. NBA 2K15 starts everyone in the same position. It’s draft day and your name didn’t get called. You wait around and are forced to go through a workout to get on a team. Initially, you’re signed to a 10-day contract, but you can play your way to a year-long gig. During your first 10-day contract - or, possibly, multiple 10-day contracts - the progression is really good. Your player will definitely earn the currency they need to improve their skills and work their way to a solid bench contributor. Unfortunately, that solid progression doesn’t continue.

NBA 2K15 gamescom Screenshot 4 – Rodriguez/Real Madrid

"Man, that new 'Silent Hill' is really shaping up,", of gaming video channel Destructoid, referring to the classic horror game. "Unclear why they're calling it 'NBA 2K15.' "