Jamie Madrox - The Multiple Man

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Multiple Man Name - James "Jamie" Madrox Parents - Daniel & Joan Madrox (Dead) Girlfriend - Siryn
The Multiple Man
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Marvel Universe Series III 43: Multiple Man

Marvel Universe Series 2 Action Figure #28 Multiple Man 3.75 Inch

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  • It is during this period that he encounters an assassin named Clay who has the same powers as Jamie. Although killed after telling Jamie that the Multiple Man has no idea what he truly is, Clay would come back later.

    James "Jamie" Madrox, also called the Multiple Man, is a appearing in published by . Created by writer with script from and art by , he first appeared in #4 (February 1975).

  • While Magneto rescues Mystique from a prison convoy, he recruits the other imprisoned mutants, including Multiple Man and . He served as a decoy when the government attempted to arrest the Brotherhood at their temporary camp. Although he is arrested again, it is uncertain if he was injected with the cure upon his capture.

    Multiple Man attempted to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge. His clones were planting the explosives when and arrive. Nightcrawler battles him while Storm fights the clones down below. He is later taken to 's prison for high-powered mutants.

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    How this duplicate travelled from the alternative future he was sent to Earth-1191 remains a mystery; the only thing known is that under the direction of Anthony Falcone who in turn was under the guidance of Damian Tryp from Earth-616, this duplicate was turned into a "doomlock", a chronal variance inhibitor which stops the creation of divergent timelines, which required massive cybernetic modification of his body. He was then sent back in time from Earth-1191 to Earth-616 to kill a list of specific individuals, including Multiple Man, for fear how they might affect the future. As Cortex, Madrox's duplicate apparently has the power to mentally control several people at once.[]

Multiple Man, as his name implies, can create copies of himself.

The Multiple Man is one of the zombies that encounters in issue #3 of the 2007 miniseries . Duplicated already, all the copies try to devour Ash who seemingly destroys them all. It is not shown how exactly Jamie Madrox turned into a zombie.