1928-29 Ford Model A Tudor Hot Rod

So I built this model A hot rod back in 2007.

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  • All of these modifications can be equally applied to either a T-Bucket or Model A HotRod or just about any early model street rod you’re building.

    The response to our StreetRod 101 hot rod “how to” DVDs featuring has been so terrific that we are proud to introduce the 4th DVD in the series: T-Bucket and Model A HotRod Modifications.

  • A 1929 Ford Model A Hot Rod I shot at the World Of Wheels 2014.....Very nice old school build...Check it out!!....Make sure you follow me so that you don't miss any of the cool videos I post daily!!
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    Well, one reader of Rod & Custom in Germany, Marco Wenzel read about that hot rod. He contacted me and asked if it would be for sale. I told him that I already sold it but I will get him in touch with the current owner. The current owner had the hots for my current 1932 Ford Five Window. So the current owner bought my ’32, Marco bought the model A hot rod and I bought Project ’37 Ford Cabriolet. Everybody happy!

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    1/16 Ford Model A Hot Rod Roadster

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    Ford and just launched two new sets at the . The box contains 664-pieces of Model A hot rod-towing awesomeness, including a trailer, a drag racing Christmas tree and your trusty bearded mechanic. This will retail for $49,99.

1929 Ford Model A Hot Rod | Vintage Motorcars

By good luck, this properly customized '31 Ford Model A hot rod we've found in the classifieds follows the classic recipe and boy does it look jaw-tastic. In case you were wondering, yes, the hood has been sacrificed in the name of the clean look along with the fenders, door and trunk handles, as well as all the original windows.