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  • In an interview with , comic author Jason Aaron talked about his upcoming exploration of the untold adventures of Jedi Master Yoda. In Issue #26 of Marvel’s continuing Star Wars comic book series (previews seen above), Luke comes across Obi-Wan’s manuscripts about Yoda’s past adventures which will result in a flashback which will give us a glimpse into the master Jedi’s early years.

    Once all of these prerequisites are met, you will be able to visit any and use the in front of it. You will be given the choice to get the Master Jedi Cloak which can either be the or the .

  • Jedi Masters are Jedi Knights who show great understanding of the Force and who have usually managed to instruct a Padawan and train them successfully to the level of a Jedi Knight. This title can also be achieved through the performance of extraordinary deeds without the requirement of training a Padawan.

    Aaron also says that we will get a glimpse of Qui-Gon Jinn, as well as a young Obi-Wan, because of course, it’s his journal that Luke Skywalker is reading. The writer also says that despite being a tale of a younger Yoda, we shouldn’t expect a different version of the wise Jedi Master. Yoda will still be wise, but instead of being Grand Master Jedi Yoda, he’ll simply be Jedi Yoda.

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Disciplined and experienced, Jedi Knights become so only when they have completed "the trials" (final tests) and may continue to pursue a (see below) to obtain the equivalent of a or . As the most common rank, it is interchangeably referred to as "Jedi", "Jedi Knight" and "Master Jedi" (although the latter are honorifics used only by Younglings and Padawans when addressing Jedi Knights or above).