Lightning dragon and the Racetrack

The Lightning Dragon will get a feature set in summer with Jay DX.

LEGO Ninjago Limited Edition Set #2521 Lightning Dragon Battle

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  • Lightning dragons do not have an elected ruler but they hope to join the ranks of one day. Catylketz, however, appears to show no interest in warriors of such low class.

    Most lightning dragons are black or dark blue in color and have an enormous wingspan. They are the third largest species of dragon after the and , not to mention one of the most feared. A of seething lightning complements their fiery tempers and aggressive personalities, along with razor-sharp to tear into their enemies.

  • Tip #69 – Never let a lightning dragon talk you into flying with him during a thunderstorm. Sure, the view will be magnificent until you discover he enjoys being struck by lightning and come back half-baked and charbroiled.

    Eventually, the other dragons joined together and overthrew their rulers, pushing them out of Africa and into the Americas. To this day the lightning dragons reside mostly in South America but a few sometimes stalk up north to Mexico and the United States to wreak havoc.

    Metal Lightning Dragon
    Basic Info
    Elements Metal, Lightning and Light
    Price 2500
    Wait Time 14h30
    Element Crystal Metal crystal
    Classification Hybrid
    Seasonal no
    Breeding Difficulty  ?

    Additional Info
    Level required 21
    Similar Looking Dragons Lightning Dragon

  • Name Lightning Dragon Knight, Zorras
    Kanji 雷龍騎士 ゾラス
    Kana らいりゅうきし ゾラス
    Phonetic Rairyūkishi Zorasu
    Card Type G Unit
    Grade / Skill Grade 4 / Triple Drive!!!
    Power 15000+
    Critical 1
    Nation Dragon Empire
    Clan Narukami
    Race Human
    Trigger Effect None
    Illust 萩谷薫

    Like the , it is not known exactly how lightning dragons originated but some speculate they somehow evolved from the offspring of an and a chronic dragon. They arrived in Africa during the late 1700's and promptly began claiming territory, pushing other dragons from their land and forcing them to pay tribute or risk being attacked.

Lightning Dragon HD Wallpapers

All lightning dragons earn the same amount of coins per minute, higher level and higher star lightning dragons will be able to hold more coins before needing to be collected (A level 1 ligtning must be collected from the most often while a level 10 blueberry lightning must be collected from the least often). Here are the current earning rates and feed times known.