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  • Adding to the success of its LearnSmart program, McGraw-Hill Education announced Tuesday at the International Consumer Electronics Show the creation of an array of adaptive learning tools for college students. The products — which together with LearnSmart, compose the LearnSmart

    , April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- LearnSmart, a full-service provider of IT and skills training for business and CrossKnowledge, a leading provider of distance learning solutions for leadership and business skills development, announce their new partnership. This alliance helps both companies expand their already broad reach of combined IT, soft skills, management and leadership training using the most advanced and latest technologies across the globe.

  • The LearnSmart and CrossKnowledge partnership goes into effect immediately and will offer a combined library unmatched in the industry today with the highest level of user engagement on the market.

    LearnSmart has served the training and education communities with superior courses, services and learning management resources since 1997. LearnSmart is the developer of a unique and technologically advanced online LMS that is the first of its kind with collaborative and social learning features and mobile learning convenience. LearnSmart is a significant producer of original learning content for business/leadership, project management, office productivity and technology topics such as networking, database, virtualization and security. The company proudly serves as a provider for government agencies and their contractors with learning management services and custom training content. In addition, LearnSmart provides employee development consultation services and instructor led training.

    Imagine a product that monitors your knowledge level and provides appropriate content based on that level. LearnSmart does just this and increases your learning efficiency.

    LearnSmart™ is an unparalleled, intelligent learning system based on cognitive mapping that diagnoses your knowledge of a particular subject then creates an individualized learning path geared towards success in your course. It offers individualized assessment by delivering appropriate learning material in the form of questions at the right time, helping you attain mastery of the content.

    Assigned by an instructor or used as a study tool, your results are recorded in an easy to use grade book. This allows you to measure your progress at all times and see your areas of strength and weakness. As an added benefit, all content covered in LearnSmart™ is tied to learning objectives for your course and competencies set forth by accrediting bodies so you can use the results as evidence of subject mastery. LearnSmart™ also offers a personal study plan that allows you to estimate the time it will take and number of questions required in order to learn the subject matter. You will find that you will learn faster, study more efficiently, and retain more knowledge when using LearnSmart™.

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    Medical Terminology is a foundational course required in most Health Sciences Programs. Students are charged with mastering a new language in a condensed amount of time. LearnSmart™: Medical Terminology increases the learner's understanding of the medical language through a systematic array of questions requiring construction and deconstruction of the medical terms. This diagnostic tool assesses medical spelling, understanding of word parts, and definitions of essential medical terms. A body system's organization is used to provide a clear content framework. Learning is tracked by this intelligent system in a manner to maximize the learning experience efficiently, while increasing mastery of the medical language.

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    To heed this call, McGraw-Hill is thrilled to announce that students will now be able to purchase and use LearnSmart in over 40 courses. We’d like to invite you to be part of the adaptive learning revolution by and sharing the news with your students!

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