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Crumb Sugar Cookie Lalaloopsy Doll

Mini Lalaloopsy Fun House dolls, Peanut and Ember,

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  • These adorable newborns are the latest in the Lalaloopsy Babies line! Meet the Sleepy, Sweet and Tart, Huggy, Snuggly, Messy, and Giggly babies! Click on any image to see the original sales post on eBay.

    The 2015 Lalaloopsy Littles are incoming! Breeze E. Sky, Dream E. Wishes, Streamers Carnivale, Posy Golden Petals and more join their older sisters in Lalaloopsyland! All images are courtesy of .

  • It doesn’t matter if you are an adult collecting Lalaloopsy Dolls for yourself, or if you are an adult looking for an idea for a gift for a child, our Lala Loopsy doll site has reviews to help you choose just exactly the right doll!

    Every doll has its own personality that comes from the material used to make it. They are only twelve inches high and perfect for little hands to pick up and hold or place into their magical Lalaloopsy Land. The dolls will stand up to anything your child does to the doll. They are made to last a long time.

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    There's just SEW much merchandise, from dolls to houses to cars to more, more, and more! Catch Lalaloopsy the animated series on Nick Jr. with tons of fun episodes! Your Lalaloopsy friends are also on the internet in these fun short webisode adventures!

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    Find out about all of the full-length movies your favorite friends have starred in! From electronic handheld to just simple tabletop puzzles! Turn the page and jump into Lalaloopsy Land with a cozy book!

    Another collection of Lalaloopsy Dolls are only three inches high or miniatures. This really is great on a budget for one child or two. With so many to choose from, your daughter could receive a full size doll as she is extra special and then her regular favorites to play with everyday.

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There are over 100 to collect! Don’t forget to pick up a couple of too because they double as carrying cases! They are available in several different styles and include an exclusive character and accessories. Tinies are string-able so girls can wear their favorites! Completely affordable at less than $15 for either of these Lalaloopsy toys, they make excellent gifts!