Reconstruction of Inverted Nipples

If you have a newly inverted nipple, please seek consultation as soon as possible.

Medela SoftShells for Inverted Nipples

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  • I'm curious, for those of you with Inverted nipples, did you find that you were able to comfortably pump with the flanges that your pump came with? My pumps instructions say that if any part of your nipple touches the tube-y part of the flange that you should use the larger size up, but with a mostly Inverted nipple on the left and a suuuper Inverted one on the right, it seems like no matter what at least a little areola is going to get sucked in there. When the pump sucks, there's about a quarter inch of areola that's rubbing on the tube. It's not painful, but it's not comfortable by any means.

    If you’re wondering about whether or not your nipples are inverted, gently compress the areola (the pigmented area around the nipple) between your thumb and forefinger. Most nipples will protrude. Flat nipples don’t do anything at all. Inverted nipples will retract. It’s not unusual to have one nipple that is flat or inverted and one that is not.

  • But some women may have pain through the , which is typically because the baby has latched on the wrong way, says Lamppa, adding that “it is often described as pinching or toe-curling pain.” Diane L. Spatz, Ph.D., a professor of perinatal nursing at the University of Pennsylvania and nurse researcher at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, agrees, telling SELF that the majority of pain during breastfeeding is caused by a poor latch, although an insufficient milk supply and inverted nipples can also cause issues, she says.

    It used to be common practice to treat flat or inverted nipples prenatally with nipple-stretching exercises and/or breast shells (plastic cups worn inside the bra that press on the areola, forcing the nipple out). Yet studies comparing treated with untreated groups showed the treated groups actually were less successful at breastfeeding. Most breastfeeding specialists no longer recommend prenatal nipple treatment. They believe that all the attention given to nipples prenatally makes the mother feel that her breasts are inadequate, setting her up for breastfeeding failure.

    This 21 year old from Carlsbad, California was interested in inverted nipple repair for several years. She found Dr. Pousti online after researching for a qualified plastic surgeon to repair her nipple. Dr. Pousti met with the patient and determined she was a great candidate for inverted nipple repair on the left side. An inverted nipple(s) can cause emotional concerns and functional problems for women. Inverted nipples come in several variations; they can appear flat or have a slit like depression or hole at the normal nipple location.

    Before Inverted Nipple Repair (left side)

    Dr. Pousti examined the patient and determined she was a good candidate for inverted nipple repair of the left nipple. This procedure is typically performed under a local anesthetic if it is not combined with any other surgery such as breast augmentation, breast lift, etc. The inverted nipple is reshaped and brought out from the breast, aesthetically enhancing the breast, while conserving nipple sensitivity.

    2 Months After Inverted Nipple Repair of Left Side

    After healing from her first procedure, the patient decided she was interested in increasing her breast size with breast implants. She knew she wanted Dr. Pousti to perform her breast augmentation surgery and met with him to discuss her options. Dr. Pousti confirmed the patient was a great candidate for breast enlargement surgery using either silicone gel or saline breast implants. The patient decided to proceed using saline filled breast implants.

    Temporary sizers are first used to determine what size implants are needed to achieve the patient’s goals. The patient is placed upright several times through out the procedure with the sizer implants inflated to check for symmetry, pocket dissection, and overall appearance in comparison to her goal pictures. Dr. Pousti used a 400cc saline implant on the right breast and a 380cc saline implant on the left breast.

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    Since inverted nipples are simply a variation in how our bodies look, and not a health problem, no one surgery to change their inverted nipples. " is purely cosmetic, and can make them less sensitive.Â

Right Picture: Only 10 Days After Correction of Inverted Nipples

Recovering from surgery to correct inverted nipples is speedy and relatively pain free. You may experience slight discomfort immediately following the procedure, but your plastic surgeon can prescribe a medication that will make you comfortable.