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  • I Spy Games are great: they are easy to carry with you, and kids love them! Seasonal picture find games are popular with my kids, so I made one with a Halloween theme.

    I Spy games are great to bring with us on the go, or for a rainy afternoon activity. I actually also give them to the kids while I drink a cup of tea–while it’s still warm!

  • If you've ever wanted to be a professional spy, dive into our collection of games. You can perfect your stealth methods in levels very similar to the Metal Gear Solid series! Sneak through tricky levels, avoid obstacles, and become a master like Solid Snake. Put on your best sneaking suit, and complete levels with ninja-like levels of invisibility. By honing your skills, you'll be able to go on heists and make tons of virtual cash. Steal the goods without getting caught in our spy games!

    We print I Spy games out and take them with us everywhere – sports practice, car rides, doctor’s appointments. Have you tried them yet? I listed a few favorites below. Click on the images or the blue links below to get free printable games:

  • In our spy games, you’ll learn how to become a master stealth agent and detain enemies. You can engage in secret missions, using your skills to evade lasers and security cameras. Go on heists and avoid getting caught; or, take down criminals and become a top agent! Our spy challenges are great for all players, from young to old. Enjoy the realistic action and even become a master assassin! In our collection, you can even fly helicopters through the night, shooting down enemies and launching missiles.

Agent P: Rebel Spy | Disney LOL

Spy Games are actually detective and investigation games. Detectives and investigators actually look out for the hints and clues in an acute way to get through it and solve the case. The hints and clues need to be found from the suspenseful place and area. You need to solve mystery behind every case.
Enjoy Spy Games free online, here on this site and have fun playing these online games. There are dangerous mysteries all over which need to be managed by playing this new games. Have fun playing free games like the celebrity Brad Pitt Spy Games and dazzle along with him. Play games like Spy car game, and go searching for hints and clues. Spy a solution to major issues and problems available here. Spy Games for kids party will make kids think about the mystery and solve the case accordingly. Play Puzzle and skill games and solve puzzles and elaborate skills overall.