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Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Class Autobot Hound Figure

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  • Hound makes his big-screen debut in "Age of Extinction," here voiced by John Goodman. His look in the film has changed compared with his appearance in the 1980s animated series. He know sports a beard and is seen using a bullet as a cigar. Hound can transform into a Oshkosh Defense Medium Tactical Vehicle.

    Hound transforms in to a Medium Tactical Vehicle by Oshkosh Defense. It's arange of load-hauling trucks, so Hound doesn't necessarily represent anyparticular variation, he's just one of these military trucks with a cargocontainer attached. I understand these can sometimes be outfitted with rocketlaunchers, which wouldn't have been out of place going along with the rest ofthe character's focus on weaponry.

  • Hound transforms into a Mitsubishi J59, a license-built copy of the Willys CJ-3B, decorated in U.S. Army colors, complete with white star logos, and some fictional decorative gold stripes. His vehicle mode features somewhat unrealistic vacuum-metalized “chrome” wheels, and rubber tires (which he would later share with fellow trucks and ). A further sense of realism is added by a folding clear windshield, chrome mirrors mounted to the front fenders, a spare tire accessory, and a gas can accessory. The rear deck of the Jeep is armed with a pintle-mounted chrome heavy machine gun resembling an M2 HB Browning. Oddly, these accessories have no use in his robot mode, the only vehicle-only accessories present on an Autobot Car. Furthermore, the spare tire and tiny gas can fit somewhat loosely, making them quite rare in the secondhand market. His transformation follows a fairly simple scheme, resulting in a somewhat oddly-proportioned robot mode. The entire front end of the vehicle forms the chest, with stubby arms automatically appearing from the fenders when the front wheels are rotated out of the way. His small head automatically rises from the hood when his chest is rotated into place. The remainder of the vehicle forms his chrome legs and large die-cast metal feet. He does not have much visual connection to other Diaclone toys in his robot appearance, save for his long chrome rifle and chrome shoulder-mounted (non-firing) missile launcher.
    Date stamp location: Bottom of jeep, between front wheels
    Rubsign location: None (1984), or right front corner of hood (1985-)

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