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  • All things being equal on the price front, inventory and expertise were the factors that tipped the competition in favor of our area Home Depot garden center. The employee we spoke with was a lifelong gardener well-versed in plants and their care, and the foliage on offer seemed well maintained. That said, online Home Depot garden center reviews suggest that the situation may differ by location. One post at grouses that Home Depot workers aren't up to snuff and don't care for plants appropriately. Another reviewer at the same site advises shoppers to find out (and then show up) when plant shipments are due so they can mine the knowledge of the distributors.

    Our Home Depot purchases ran neck-and-neck with a similar set at Lowe's. A Home Depot garden center review by a writer, however, found the opposite to be true. Excluding the cost of a shrub that wasn't available at Walmart, the receipts at these two chain garden centers differed by less than a dollar.

  • For the most part, Home Depot garden centers do right by gardeners. There may be some disappointments here and there, but gardening is nothing if not a give-and-take between nature and nurture.

    Price-wise, fell well below the total for a similar virtual wagon of goods at our local independent nursery. The list of starter items (seeds, plants, shrubs, supplies and tools) here came to $173.92, a savings of almost $100 over the hometown competition. Some Home Depot garden center reviews posted online argue that you get what you pay for, which here refers to cheaper prices on a thinner selection of less healthy plants. Still, many reviewers report that Home Depot plants do just fine, and ailing plants can be returned within the first year.

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Just another reason I’m glad that I joined the Home Depot Garden Club. When traveling 80 miles, you don’t want to have to run back for forgotten items! Now Bill had to take me out to lunch. Olive Garden, here we come!