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Westin Hotel Heavenly Bed Mattress - Cal King

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  • You can park your car in one of their many available spaces. Looking for a great new statement piece for that one room in your house? Browse the exquisite furniture collection at Heavenly Mattress in Hesperia.

    With all of the parking options nearby, you won't have to worry about forgetting where you parked. Whether you're saving for that sectional or something on the smaller side, the furnishings at Heavenly Mattress are worth checking out.

  • The Westin Heavenly Mattress is manufactured by Simmons and is quite popular with an almost cult-like following. The mattress was unveiled at Westin Hotels in August of 1999 and in the first week over thirty guests asked if the beds could be purchased. Today the Westin Heavenly Bed (mattress, box spring, pillows and bedding) is found at all Westin Hotels worldwide and over 30,000 have been sold.

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    The Westin Heavenly Bed comes with a box spring, pillow-top mattress, down blanket, three sheets, five pillows, bed skirt and duvet. They can be purchased through as well as at Nordstrom’s (note: Amazon also have a large array of available). The Westin Heavenly Mattress itself is a medium-firm, thirteen-inch, pillow top Simmons mattress that uses the patented pocketed coil design (each spring is encapsulated in it’s own pocket of material).

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As a result of traveling for most of my career and sleeping on heavenly mattresses I thought I would purchase one.

Two things surprised me during and following my purchase. One was the cost. For $3000 I expected to get a premium quality mattress. I found that the current product you are selling in no way qualifies. It is not the mattress quality of the heavenly beds I've slept in and the material on the top of the mattress is cheap.

While disappointed in the quality I got a fairly recuperative sleep so figured I would chalk it up to a poor purchase I would have to live with for the next 10 years.

However, in changing the sheets the first time I noticed an incredible flaw.

Feathers, I presume down but who knows, coming out of the top of the mattress. I hope you are as surprised as I am. What are feathers doing in a mattress especially as there was nothing in any of the sales or communications which mention this feature.

If any reasonable amount of money had been spent in the selection of the fabric on the top of the mattress, which, arguably gets the most wear of any part (higher thread count materials trap feathers in for instance,) this wouldn't be a problem, but clearly the cheapest route was taken.

As a result, I have to vacuum the top of the mattress with a handheld vacuum every time I change the bed. At some point, I expect to be sleeping on the bed frame as all the feathers will be depleted. It would be funny if not for the reputation of your company resting on such a shoddy product.

I am incensed that 1) I spent close to $3000 on this cheaply made product and 2) that I failed to ask about the mattress content...never imagining it would contain feathers. I will make certain that these facts do not remain unknown to the general public.

Westin...and the "new" Heavenly Mattress...what a disappoint.