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This Pink & Gold Metallic Kendama does not immediately translate to being girly

Full Gold & Black Metallic Kendama And Extra String

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  • If a purely-golden Kendama ball is too bland for your taste, then you need to take look at this 3 Striped Gold & Black Kendama. The three black stripes, as the item’s name suggests, across the golden ball is a simple touch of design that turns an otherwise plain-looking ball into a stylish one.

    While the original version of the full Purple & Gold Metallic Kendama induces imaginations of jaw-dropping nebulas in space, this alternate version simply captures the mystery of space by having a more subdued pattern in the design. Carrying this Kendama is like having a chunk of space contained in a transparent ball.

  • A cloudless starry night is one of the most breathtaking sceneries to behold. Unfortunately, you don’t have the luxury of seeing it every night. Cope with your longing for the starry skies by owning this Black & Gold Metallic Kendama Combo Gift Pack! The Kendama and the Yoyo team up to provide you with your own starry night.

    This Pink & Gold Metallic Kendama could have easily passed for bubblegum if not for the gold patterns scattered throughout the pink ball. A variant of the original bright full Pink & Gold version, this Kendama is a bit less flashy – thanks to the wood handle balancing out all that pink.

  • Imagine if our Sun dies and we somehow managed to survive. Without a source for light from our beloved star, the Earth will forever be in darkness. This Black & Gold Metallic Kendama offers a glimpse of how the Earth would look like if plunged in total darkness. If you are nocturnal and don't mind seeing night all the time, then this Kendama is just for you.

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Are you a fan of the stars and everything related to deep space? If yes, then this deep Purple & Gold Metallic Kendama is just the right design for you. At first glance, the patterns of the design might seem just random, but a closer inspection will reveal that it has a very striking similarity to nebulas!