Globes and maps they charter your way back home

Classroom Globes and Maps - 1-World Globes

Interactive Globe for Kids, 2 in 1, Day View World Globe and Night View Illuminated Constellation Map

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  • The assessment used at the end of this lesson will be if the student accurately completes the assignments. The assignments include the students creation of the venn diagram and the students written observations from the orange activity. These assignments will show the teacher if the student understands the similarities and differences of globes and maps. The assignments can be placed in the students Social Studies portfolio and can be assessed at the end of the unit.

    13. Once the activity is complete, the class will come together to discuss globes and maps and the similarities between the two of them.

  • Do you know how to find the library in your town? Can you locate the fire station or the grocery store? Globes and maps help you locate places. Learning how to use globes and maps gives you a better understanding of the world.

    To introduce students to the difference between globes and maps I would first hold up a globe. I would ask students if they know what it is and what you can use a globe for. Once we have discussed this as a class, I will show students a map. I will ask students similar questions regarding the map to find out what they know.

    Student accurately creates a Venn-Diagram that compares and contrasts globes and maps



    Student accurately completes the orange activity by creating a globe and a map and by making observations



  • The Discovery Map and Globe series from Cram was designed to help with the transition from simplified to more detailed political maps. This political map and globe set contains more detailed place names and includes insets highlighting physical features. Each map includes direction and location skills insets. These maps are printed on durable non-tear material, and mounted to a heavy duty spring roller in brackets with backboard. Both maps measure 51"x51".

    Discovery World Map  GC7015-5120

    Discovery U.S. Map  GC7015-5110

    The Discovery Globe perfectly matches the U.S. and World maps. It features bright contrasting colors for each country. This is the perfect globe for students in beginning grades who are transitioning on to more detailed political globes and maps.  Machine made on gyro-mounting for easy viewing and durability.

    Discovery World Globe  GC6120-0711

    Please Note: All items shown here have been discontinued by the manufacturer as of early 2012. Page is for informational reference only.

    Other imaginary lines on globes and maps are called latitude and longitude. These lines crisscross and look like a grid. The lines are measured in units called degrees (°).

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An understanding that globes and maps are both alike and different is crucial for students to know. Students need to be able to understand that globes show the entire Earth whereas maps are more specific to different locations. It is important for students to know this because throughout their lives they will come in contact with maps and it is important for them to understand what they are and how to accurately use them.