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Aurora World Destination Nation Giraffe Plush, 12"

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  • All this tells us that they are really unique and special, so it is no wonder if they attracted your child’s attention. If you want to have giraffe a little closer than on TV and pictures, the good solution is the giraffe stuffed animal.

    A collection of giraffe stuffed animals, and a wooden giraffe. There are three stuffed animals, and one wooden giraffe that will sit on a shelf. One stuffed animal is by Geoffrey (Toys-R-Us), and when you pinch one ear it speaks to you. One is a Flopsie, by A&A Plush, Inc. The last one is a Steiff, and is made in Germany. The wooden giraffe has movable arms and legs, and is made in China.

  • If you’re a giraffe lover, or know someone who is, you are going to love you a giraffe stuffed animal. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors, but the most interesting are those which looks like some animal. If your child’s favorite animal is a giraffe and you think that giraffe stuffed animal would be welcomed gift, find out more about these interesting animals and stuffed toys in their shapes.

    Brand New larger Hug'ems. We know you loved the smaller collection of Hug'ems, so now you can buy larger versions of your really really favourites. Well that's what our neices and nephews are doing! This is the medium sized Hug'ems GIRAFFE stuffed animal. Just means more to hug, because they're bigger!

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