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Allow me to channel Charles Dickens when talking about the Florida Gators game against Tennessee... “It was the best of...

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  • To end the show Andrew and Nick give their prediction on the Florida Gators football game plus give you three guys that you should watch to have a big game this weekend for the Florida Gators football team.

    Every once in a while a store grabs you by the balls, and sends you on a nostalgic ride back to your youth. Gator Games does this, and then some. Long gone are the days of cluttered, packed shelves of games/toys/miniatures. In a word where the vast majority of people shop on big name websites, it amazes me that places like this still exist.

    The front of the store is covered in MTG, LOTR, and other fantasy posters. Once you step inside all you see is games. There are games on the walls, games in the shelves, games on tables, games behind the counter, games everywhere.

    The staff is unbelievably knowledgeable. If you ask a question about a certain game, there is a very high probability that they will know something related to the game you are asking about. If they do not, they know of a different game that is similar and will direct you to it. I have been well taken care of every single time I have stepped foot into this store. Additionally, they are very knowledgeable about things outside of gameplay i.e. painting miniatures.

    I have no clue how their prices match against other stores, but if you order games through them they give you 10% off.

    I seriously wish video game/music stores like this were still a thing. It is so much more enjoyable when compared to something like buying games online.

    I believe they also host quite frequent tournaments, although I could not tell you which.

    Totally worth stopping by if you are into any sort of gaming (outside of video, of course).

  • For the area, there's actually a surprising dearth of local board game shops -- probably due to the sky-high rents as well as the niche-ness of the hobby. While Game Kastle (down in Santa Clara) has the space to run more events, I've come to really appreciate Gator Games for its vast selection of board games. They often end up having copies of the newest games/those in demand -- I recently picked up a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham from them despite it being sold out even on Amazon/internet retailers. Staff are friendly, giving recommendations if needed, and it's a pleasant experience overall -- would recommend to anyone looking for a copy of a game and wanting to support local stores!

    It's also pretty convenient location-wise -- I usually am able to get there via Hillsdale Caltrain and a short bike ride, though finding bike parking in the area isn't the easiest.

    Uncommitted defensive tackle Shavar Manuel- Manuel was once considered a Florida State silent commit but then at Florida’s Friday Night Lights he made news by saying he wanted to play in the SEC, and that’s when the momentum shifted away from Florida State. Right now Manuel has both Florida and LSU on top, but some say that Florida State still expects to get an official from the defensive tackle. Manuel is also expected to be in Gainesville on Saturday for the Florida Gators game against the school out west.

  • I just moved into the area and was eager to check out the local stores. Gator Games looked impressive- unfortunately I was not able to get far before the owner demanded that i check my bag, a policy that I find insulting. I'm an adult, I have better things to do than steal toys. My wife and I, avid hobbyists both, will not return.

Florida UF Gators Cornhole Game Set Triangle Gator Version

Everything I wanted was in stock. It's so important in this day and age as a brick and mortar store to have what I want immediately. I've gone to hobby shops that had a lack luster inventory and I end up buying online.

The employees were very attentive and went out of their way to assist me in my needs. The store is smaller, so gaming I'm sure is an issue, but if you need something and you're in the area, go to Gator Games & Hobby.