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KidKraft Tasty Treats Play Food Set

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  • Bikers Against Child Abuse, a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 in Utah and is now an international organization, will be among more than 18 local organizations receiving donations of food and toys to help those in need. Other nonprofits receiving food and toys include St. Vincent's Food Pantry, Fox Valley Christian Action and the Humanitarian Service Project.

    A word of caution. If your dog , it’s usually wise to resolve those issues before you start using food-dispensing toys. Food toys can also heighten , so if you have multiple dogs you may want to separate them at toy time. Take that as a given if you’ve been feeding them separately anyway.

  • We've all made the mistake of laughing and even encouraging our feisty little dogs when they first display the "cute" signs of dog food aggression. Don't fall into this trap! Food or toy aggression in dogs should never be tolerated as you never know when it can escalate into something more dangerous for you or a family member.
    Canine possession aggression can be triggered by any number of factors but in most cases it can be attributed to one of these common causes:

    Crack open the metal shell on the Fried Egg play food toy, and out comes a cloth fried egg. Your child will be thrilled to add this egg to her food collection, refining her motor skills as she pries the egg open. The versatility of...

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    While grocery shopping and cooking seem like chores for some adults, kids love to pretend to do those "chores" with Play Food Toys and Cooking Toys! A staple of imaginative toys for ages, these food-based pretend play toys let kids go to the grocery, whip up their favorite dishes, or entertain guests over tea - all from their bedroom. We think you will agree that our selection of Play Food Toys and Cooking Toys will lead to "filling" and fulfilling play!

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