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Comic Girls‘ EXY looks chic for InStyle‘s September issue.

Secret agents, sexy vampires, and savvy ad men—the summer TV season has drawn to a close.
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An Exy league played by university teams in the USA. The season starts in August.

Exy 64" 5 Shelf Shelving Unit Finish: White

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  • TAG : Sexy Sophie Monk's NAKED parody of Robin Thicke's BLURRED LINES!
  • 1. Off-sides is in effect on Exy courts. Meaning: an offense player who does not have possession of the ball, or who is moving to take possession of the ball, must have an opposing defense player between him or herself and the opposing goalkeeper at all times. This prevents strikers from waiting near the goal to score. The penalty for off-sides is loss of possession and a reset to the half-court line.

    7. Exy games for youths and high schoolers require four referees at minimum. From the NCAA level upward six are required, three to either side of the court.

  • Exy was invented by and roughly 30 years ago in Fukui, Japan. It started as an experiment but quickly spread from the university campus to street teams and then abroad. When Kayleigh returned to Ireland she brought the game with her and the USA picked it up soon after.

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    Exy Restaurant and Lounge, which opened in December 2007, brings a refreshing honesty and a genuine excitement to the flavors and ingredients of the Mediterranean region. Taking cues from the traditional cuisine of the Greek Islands, Exy’s menu is unique and inventive, a blend of classic Greek flavors, Mediterranean ingredients, and contemporary forms. Executive Chef Carter Shuffler has perfected this hybrid cuisine, offering elegant and sensual dishes that incorporate fresh seafood, premium meat, lush olive-oil based sauces, and explosively flavorful fresh herbs.

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And that seems to be the result of dining at Exy—complete satisfaction from start to finish. A meal here is an adventure, a journey through the flavors and textures of the Mediterranean region, an introduction to the pleasures of the Greek table that touches all the senses. Go ahead, treat yourself to a culinary vacation.