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Go places with this Dynacraft mountain bike.0 Full suspension frame 21-speed index derailleur with Shimano grip shifters Front &am

Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boy's Bike (16-Inch, Yellow/Black)

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  • TAG : The 16 inch Dynacraft Shopkins Bike is out of this world!
  • I don't even know what to say other than I am deeply disappointed and frustrated over this product and I intend to tell other mom's not to mess with Dynacraft bikes if they want happy experiences. I can't believe I wasted three years trying to make this bike work. Furthermore after reading through other statements I am relieved my daughter didn't have a serious accident. Yikes! I have tried contacting Dynacraft with no luck.

    This Dynacraft mountain bike will take you places. 0 PRODUCT FEATURES Steel hard tail mountain bike frame 21-speed index derailleur with Shimano grip shifters Front & rear linear V-brakes Quick release seat post Front fork shock PRODUCT

  • first my bike is a triax vbx3000 by dynacraft bikes within 1 month buying the bike my pedal fell off causing me to crash then a month after that the chain snaps causing me to crash again

    It was looking to small for my daughter but seeing how it has only had two real rides (if that) I was hoping I could use it for my other daughter who is now 5 going on 6 (although I feared I would not be able to even think about training wheels on it). This is very disappointing and I am heartbroken my daughter has had such a lousy experience. She even mentioned that she should have known a bike from Santa wouldn't be good quality. Now she doubts Santa because Dynacraft makes lemons. At this point I need two new bikes and this one I purchased which should have brought a little girl so much joy was hardly used at all but is an absolute junker. One things for sure I'll have to make sure I don't purchase Dynacraft bikes.

  • Indiana attorney John Grimm said he is suing on behalf of a client who lost part of his leg in an accident. Two years ago, Todd Hart, then 9, was riding a Dynacraft bike down a hill when the brakes allegedly failed, Grimm said. Hart crashed and his lower left leg was ripped from his body by a passing cargo van.

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