Mysterious 2013 Chinese Dragon LEGO set!

The final design for minifigure series for Lego Minecraft

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  • I love this!!! I love dragonball z and legos! i think it’s the koolest thing to make this iv been waiting for dragonball z lego sets and i guess this is the next best thing. so AMAZING work! lol your Krillin minifig is my favorite.

    The last time Ninjago fans got a personal dragon was Lloyd’s LEGO Ninjago Golden Dragon at the end of 2012, so it’s been quite a wait for any member of the crew to get their own private dragon mount again! (Incidentally, . It’s fantastic.)The Titanium Dragon LEGO Ninjago set contains three minifigures: a LEGO Titanium Ninja minifigure (whose identity I won’t spoil–Wiki it if you must know), an Anacondrai minifigure and another random enemy minifigure (who doesn’t look very snakelike at all, now does he?). You also get a small Andacondrai outpost build, which can apparently shoot a bolo at the Titanium Dragon (the tiny bolo really looks like it should be useless against a dragon, but whatever).

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