Sing Along to the Dora the Explorer theme song.

Meet Boots, a furry monkey who's Dora the Explorer's best friend and adventurous travel companion.

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  • The image is truly something and has a lot of different vibes going on. It's kind of like if Dora the Explorer, Lara Croft, and Rambo were cast in the weirdest season of Survivor. But I'll save further judgement until I see the trailer...

    There was a steady stream of families with young ones going into the library, where they were greeted by Dora the Explorer and her sidekick Diego.

  • Discover fun new adventures with Dora the Explorer. Perfect for learning toddlers and curious preschoolers, Dora the Explorer toys mix the best of imagination and learning. Encourage hands-on imaginative play with a Dora dollhouse and improve language skills with talking toys. The many types of Dora dolls make ideal girl toys for little ones who love to play dress up, take care of dolls, and make playtime an unforgettable adventure.

    A Dora the Explorer-themed banner, paper plates full of fruit and a bevy of troll dolls make up the decorations at a special birthday party in Washington state.

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    And by the way, there is a Mexican version of Sesame Street (well, besides the actual Spanish-language version of the show, called Plaza Sésamo); it’s called Dora the Explorer. Donald Trump has already announced she’s the first Mexican to get deported, since Dora taught millennials that Mexicans are actual humans and not baby-making cockroaches—a first on network television.

D-d-d-ora Dora Dora the Explorer!!!

CLE ELUM, Wash. — In Washington state, a special birthday party is underway. A Dora the Explorer-themed banner, paper plates full of fruit and a collection of troll dolls make up the decorations.